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Yes, except he fucked her so.... He didn't really lose overall. Oldest* you mean. Must have missed the part where even 1 person claimed otherwise... Except it won't be for this very reason. 8 on it's side looks like a pair of titties. I compared the fact that msm generates weath by grifting gullible people - in general terms. But yes I agree regarding this specific case is more disturbing than what you would see in the MSM. I know what happened. Like I said it's a disgrace. I am happy and Mexicans will pay for it with their lives. Lol 🤦🏿‍♂️ Do the crime do the time. Not do the crime and get off if you have certain 'characteristics' like in the US. TRUUUUUMMMMP!!!! .... Like every media outlet in the country? I completely understand that he's an idiot and capitalising on the tragedy was a disgrace ... But that's LITERALLY what the MSM do every single day. Homosexuality. Travel advice for you, don't visit the middle east. Don't you mean "Inside Out: Puberty Blockers" It's Disney after all. Err pretty sure it's flat out illegal in large parts of the world. Like spreading Predator Pox? Predator pride! He could buy platform shoes? Or get a Gattaca style operation? Nah it was ridiculous that they could just run around an airport shooting wildly lol. Also DeNiro can only move in slow motion where it's quicker to notice his shadow from a Jet's light ... Lol that was stupid. A polished turd is still a turd.