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Also, where are the people who drove the buses? They should definitely make fewer episodes for any future spin-off. Making 5-7 good episodes that draw you in and keep you interested would be much better than dragging that same story out over 16 episodes like they usually do. I thought Disney was going to make it better. The prequels were awful and a change was definitely needed if Star Wars was ever going to be good again. I thought with Disney’s money and JJ Abrams directing there was a lot of potential. I’m surprised that things have turned out the way they have. I saw the first half, never bothered watching the rest. I literally had no interest in what was going to happen. "There was no doubt in the first Halloween that Myers was super-human. No one built like Nick Castle can lift a man up with one hand in the manner that he did it onscreen. Combine that with being shot six times in the chest at close range and falling to the ground from a second-floor balcony, and managing to quickly leave the scene, and you have a clear case of super-human." Lifting the guy up with one hand was not realistic, but otherwise Michael was more or less human in the first movie. We didn't actually see Michael alive after he was shot and fell out the window. The body was gone which implied he was alive, but it was meant to be vague. He didn't really get the super powers until part 2. This fight was the highlight of the entire prequel trilogy. Yes, the north being independent didn't make much sense. If Bran is the king of the other kingdoms then there was no reason for the north to secede. I highly doubt the remake will ever happen. Whether the actors are willing or not. It would take years to be made and nobody would care by then. It was foolish that 6 kingdoms voted for a ruler that they barely know based on a speech from Tyrion. They happily made this decision right there on the spot. The only dissenters were Bran’s own family who decided that they would be independent. Why would the other kingdoms be okay with this? The enthusiasm for the prequels has almost certainly declined significantly after season 8. It definitely would need different writers in order for people to care. View all replies >