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Presidential debates 2020 Stimulus checks reward later tax filers How does reduced store hours help stop the spread of the virus? I like the format of this tournament How/Why was he in Love Ranch? How long will the whisperers storyline go on for? Missed opportunity Is Lydia good or bad? Laurie is a good shot The characters shouldn't all be related View all posts >


I agree with your assessment about the bad guys. I was familiar with the manson killers before I saw the movie so I knew who they were and what they were up to. I imagine that there are a lot of younger people who don't know the details and the movie did literally nothing to inform them. If you didn't know the backstory before watching the movie then you watched three almost completely undeveloped characters try to kill a guy for yelling at them because they were too loud driving down his street at night. Before that we only saw them at the ranch where we learned that they were bad people but really nothing else. People who don't follow politics usually don't watch the debates either. The debates are primarily for political junkies who want to see how their candidate does. Then regardless of what happened they say that their candidate won the debate. All of the answers so far prove my point, everyone has already decided who they are voting for. So why have debates? Why even have conventions? Everyone knows everything that they need to know about each candidate already. Also, who cares if either candidate is a good debater or not. The president's job doesn't require debating. The only time a president needs to participate in a debate is when they are running for reelection. The police union in Minneapolis is an overwhelmingly republican group. I was wondering this as well. With the birth rate so low you would think that just for practical reasons they would need women to get pregnant by any means possible. It seems that only a small number of women are able to get pregnant and when they do only 1 and 5 gives birth to a baby that survives. That is not even close to a replacement birth rate. In 50 years they will have almost no people left. Any other civilization could easily conquer them at that time. Mary Martin- Peter Pan 1960 made for tv movie My experience has been the opposite of this. My wife and I love our kids being older. The kids were extremely cute and fun when they were little. But they were also a lot to handle. When kids are little they really don't allow you any downtime. They constantly need something. Plus you have things like diapers, bedtime routines, homework, etc. Doing everyday things like going to the grocery store or watching a movie can be very challenging with little kids. Now that they are older they are mostly independent. We still have a very close bond with them and we still go places together. It seems the older the kids get the more we can just relax and enjoy our time with them. Hillary Swank - Boys Don't Cry Wayans Brothers - White Chicks Just saw this movie. I agree, there was endless unintelligible dialogue. I'm surprised that the movie got such good reviews. I wondered that too. If Adelaide and her family didn't go to the beach would the tethered have still come out? View all replies >