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I like the format of this tournament How/Why was he in Love Ranch? How long will the whisperers storyline go on for? Missed opportunity Is Lydia good or bad? Laurie is a good shot The characters shouldn't all be related John Targareon Question about Arya *spoilers Daenerys/dragon question about episode 5 View all posts >


Agreed, the opening crawl seemed odd. The story of this trilogy was such a mess that there was probably no way for them to give a coherent update in the crawl. I don’t think James threw the game. Ken adopted James’ strategy of betting everything on the daily doubles. Also, Brad got a lot of the daily doubles which stopped James from getting them. I think that helped Ken a lot. For final Jeopardy if James got it right then he would have won. Otherwise Ken would win. There was no reason for Ken to wager anything. Brad did the same thing when he won Battle of the Decades. Brad did seem off last night. Very unlike him. I’m fine with whoever wins. It would be nice if they all win a game or two to keep it going longer. Agreed- I really wanted to like this movie. The prequels were a complete letdown but it seemed like Disney and JJ were going to be bringing it back into the right direction. I read interviews at the time where JJ was saying that he wasn't really concerned with the prequels and wanted to make the new movies more like the originals. That sounded awesome at the time. Then I saw TFA and realized he didn't want to make it like the original, he wanted to make it exactly the same as the original. Extremely disappointing. I haven't seen the movie yet. But from what I'm hearing some characters may be related. What a surprise! There is really no point in camping out in front of the theater any more. In the past people would camp out because they wanted to be first in line when the tickets went on sale. Most movie theaters today let you order the tickets online ahead of time. Some theaters even have assigned seats that you pick when you buy the tickets. I doubt we will find out. Character development isn't a big thing in Star Wars movies. Siddiq getting killed was more shocking than anything that happened in the mid season final. However, if they waited to kill Siddiq and made that the cliffhanger of the finale then the story would had to have moved even slower. Since it's not humanly possible to make this story move any slower they had to kill Siddiq in episode 7. The whole thing with Dante makes no sense. Is he really planning on going back to live with the whisperers? Being a doctor at Alexandria is obviously a better life. I find it hard to believe that the guy following Negan was able to keep his composure for all those years while Negan was locked up. Then one day he lets Negan out of jail and acts like a complete psychopath. View all replies >