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Looking for some movie suggestions.. Anyone else think she looks like she has down syndrome? Looks like a gigantic turd.. "Love letter to Tarantino"... For a Sci-fi.. View all posts >


No, you're pretty much the only one on the board that thinks so. And also probably the only one that equates adults to 12 or 13 year olds because the jokes in the show "are just things one might observe themselves anyways", assuming a adult would be dumb enough to watch it still. I suggest you just go and watch reruns of Game of Thrones for the rest of your life and beat off to the sex scenes in it, because I feel that's the only thing that's going to rock your boat for the rest of your life as far as entertainment on TV goes, and the minds behind MST3K won't ever be able to help you. But if you do decide to give it a try again, maybe try to understand what the theme of the show is trying to convey to you. Seen the first two which are excellent, but not the third. Will keep it in mind. Thanks! Excellent choices. Seen all those. Was actually just thinking of No country for old men I don't have Disney+ and don't ever plan on getting it. That being said, speaking as someone who rolls out product services like this, if I were responsible for rolling it out and these things happened I would be fired no question. And yes, it's completely out of the question and embarrassing for a company the size of Disney to roll something out like this after so much planning and experienced the magnitude of the problems that were reported. I have no sympathy, it's simply incompetence. This technology that they're rolling out is nothing new, it required research which they had plenty of time to do, but they failed. Always, yes. There's sometimes quite a bit of underlying dialogue that you wouldn't even know existed unless you had the subtitles on. A few rare exceptions are if I simply don't care what's going on in a movie I've seen a hundred times. But if it's something I haven't seen before, subtitles are always on. Just being a fly on the wall (don't much care for the topic, just wasting time), but just to point out you didn't really put into consideration the inflation of the one dollar bill. Things back in 1977 weren't as expensive as they are today, specifically the cost of a movie ticket, or am I wrong? I'm too lazy to really look, but if I'm right then the argument about how much money was made at the box office then and what is being made now doesn't really mean much in this context. In fact it may even go against the argument you're making that interest isn't being lost. I'm confused.. what exactly is it you expect them to contribute? Some people just want to learn the title of a movie that's been bothering them, and the Internet, intended to be as free as it is (and, which is also free) is a place for them to do that. If you don't like it, maybe start a pay-to-ask type movie website? I guarantee nobody will join it however so you'd probably be wasting your time. Pretty sure he threw at least a couple bombs in "Death Race 2000". In fact, I think it was one of his first lines, when he gets pissed off at the crowd, takes out his Tommy Gun and starts gunning some of them down calling them mother effers.. Hidden gem of a movie. View all replies >