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it will forever be Mel. The only reason Niles is with Daphne is because she broke it off with Donnie. If she had not both people would be with their original mates others. I totally agree. Could this have been made today, or early 2000 or in the 90's???? Of course not. But in the 80's. Hell Yeah. 1st if all, Good God Son, or Little Siste, $19.99? 2nd, please wait for $.99 at RebBox, as a big fan of Nic Cage straight to DVD movies this could have bee so much better. I'm afraid he may be giving up. Do not purchase as it really is forgettable and not a water cooler movie. ALL MY friends that have no understanding as to why I really like this film. So I appreciate your post. Seriously, to the point that I think Leon is really David Ruffin. I think for a long time a lot of us was using that line and cracking up, cause........... "Aint nobody coming to see YOU, OTIS." Okay, I'll bite. Pretty Sure that's how the world works. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_Heart And ole' boy was very mad about this and her becoming pregnant during A Different World. We lucky he forgave her or we may never have had, That's so Raven. What's funny is that when you go through an actors filmography you realize, they are famous for certain rolls and just overall likeable. Please look at at Sylvester's filmography, he has more quantity than quality. This coming from someone who Loves Demolition Man, Cobra, Tango and Cash, Cliffhanger. I think Carl Weathers has done fine. But seriously, I can't remember which actor, but going over their filmography it really disappointing. ???You Command this amount of money per film , based on your success of 3 movies? Your bringing up Action Jackson and If Looks Could Kill in one post makes me think we may be best friends. I've seen more adults with poor work ethics than young people. I deal with more people like Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris, "My Husband has two jobs" so they will quit over something small, like can you make sure to mop the store before you close. Todays young people fall into two groups. Cuddled - So they don't get that you can take the initiative. Your boss doesn't have to outline ever decision. Entitled - I'm too good to clean the bathrooms. I find myself going into nostalgia mode. Sunday night I watched Shocker. I don't know what your preferred Genre is and it seems like a lot of posters are giving you high-brow films, but as one poster wrote, maybe get out of your comfort zone. Not all of Adam Sandler films are awful, LOL. Someone lied to you. I am starting to think that we just watched shows in the 80's because there was nothing on at that time slot to compete with it. It airs on Antenna TV and I tried to watch an episode and it was just bad. Always one of my favorite gags. Blast from the Past, LOL!. I'm a fan of this film. The dialogs are great. You got to take it for what it is. It's not a hit you over your head funny. Nah, this movie made it hard to turn off the brain, and trust me, I am at an age where I like mindless movies but....... This just had so many absurd moments that it took me out and I just kept asking myself, wait , What? Don't hate her for being a ride or die! No but honestly what kind of cult commitment did she have to Willy? Dumplins. pretty much boiled flour. It's not something I eat regularly, but it is something that I crave. Me too. I watched the first episode and then immediately binged watched the other 3 episodes. I can't believe it only has 6 episodes.