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Did McDonald's just use a what sounds like a black actor to voiceover their nasty looking Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwhic Coming back April 1st to Fox Honestly not a bad movie But don't you think certain shows are Binge while others are By the Week Why does Michael J. Fox seem like he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. I miss that time when USA was making movies of the week. Ray... This looks weak But do we need another Torture of the Week TV Show? Prettiest Man I ever Saw! The Closer or Major Crimes Just realized this lasted 2 seasons So......, We're waiting It was good because it was Normal. Upon a Rewatch....... Ray Liotta was hilarious in this movie. I get that this is not to be like the original, but wow this is boring. Am I the Only One that thinks the Original Walker.... Twitter is losing their $hit about the miscast of the parents Miss her making Movie of the week films.