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Holy crap, $962M worldwide in just 2 weeks!!! Another incoming massive, profitable hit for Disney! Congratulations to the MCU on another $1B film!! The MCU closes on $5 Billion in 2019 with the first $1B Spidey film! Damn. Another poor overseas opening in Japan. Will it's worldwide gross be lower than Toy Story's domestic total? Another amazing weekend at the box office with $917M Worldwide!! $1B getting closer and closer.. Congratulations Disney on another $1B film!!! 3rd Disney film of 2019 to do so! The Lion King completely crushes with a $543M W opening!!! Disney domination continues at the Box Office! 1 Billion dollars guaranteed!!! The legs just don't keep stopping. Insane legs for the Disney juggernaut! $860 Million Worldwide gross!!! Another smashing Pixar hit for Disney! Absolute bonkers! 400 Million is officially dead. One of the biggest disappointments of the year :( Congrats MCU!!! Biggest Spider-Man ever at $970M MCU continues to crush it's other comic book 'competitors'! View all posts >


It actuals went up by $12M worldwide!!. $6.7M domestic and $5.3 international! 8th overall biggest domestic opening. The results just keep getting hotter and hotter by the moment! That's why it's really disappointing. To go from their biggest domestic earner to their 2nd lowest domestic earner has to be concerning for them and future films. From being one of the most profitable films of 2016 to at best a small profit with the sequel is definitely wasn't what they were hoping for. Yeah, it's possible that they do but it doesn't take away what Marvel was able to accomplish and all the hard work they put in over a decades worth of work. Other studios still struggle to replicate their strategy with the vision and execution they have and I'm excited to see where the future leads for future Marvel projects. Yeah, it's all in the hands of the Disney at the end of the day on what they want to do. Incoming Avatar cinematic universe to dethrone the MCU haha. Honestly I don't see anything coming close again for another 10 years with the next saga concluding unless Avatar 2 has every possible star aligned to come out on top. Oh wow that's great. I love the friendly congratulation nods that other studios and directors give to each other when breaking box office records. The only problem is Disney literally took all the records now LOL. I do like musicals in general so I hope it finds some audience but unfortunately I think it's potential big budget is going to lead to a disappointment for the studio :( So actuals went up about $1.8 million for worldwide. Very good holds. I'm surprised how well it held up against The Lion King in the end. It's looking more and more likely to beat Toy Story 3 domestically now and reach a billion sometime in mid August. Marvel Phase 4 announcements around the corner at Comic Con and D23. Stay tuned for some exciting news :) I don't think anyone is expecting an Aladdin sequel in the sense that nobody is expecting a Beauty and the Beast sequel even though that also made bank. Then I would fear for it's prospects considering it'll have been two badly received Godzilla movies in a row. This 'monster-verse' is already on life support as it is unfortunately. View all replies >