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Wow. Dropped a MASSIVE -55.4% from it's predecessor! What went wrong? :O Foreign box office weekend dropped only -10.4%. What the hell...$800M+ minimum.. -70% weekend drop? No way...D: Will Godzilla vs. Kong be pushed back or not? Another amazing -42.4 drop predicted by Deadline Hollywood! By far the BIGGEST surprise this summer at the box office! Foreign box office weekend dropped only -36.5%. Wow... Budget as high as $185 million??? Is Bombzilla another flop for Warner Bros this year? Uh-oh.. Deadline reporting amazing 2nd Weekend -52% drop! Talk about defying expectations. Ouch. Looks like another massive flop for Warner Bros this year. What a waste of potential. $2.7 Billion dollars worldwide at the box office! Avengers series = $7.6 Billion. DCEU = $5.278 Billion lol Box Office WW A:E $2,344,305,739 = Almost combined total of Warner Bros, Universal, Sony, Paramount 2019 films thus far! View all posts >


Marvel Phase 4 announcements around the corner at Comic Con and D23. Stay tuned for some exciting news :) I don't think anyone is expecting an Aladdin sequel in the sense that nobody is expecting a Beauty and the Beast sequel even though that also made bank. Then I would fear for it's prospects considering it'll have been two badly received Godzilla movies in a row. This 'monster-verse' is already on life support as it is unfortunately. I don't know tbh but I believe it'll still do well. It's already held well in the UK and Russia against SLOP2 which were really strong markets for SLOP1. It's really just the US and a bunch of smaller markets this week since the release schedule is fairly staggered. Also it's the Queen's Birthday holiday for many countries next week so I'm predicting good holds in those territories as well. I'm expecting Godzilla 2 to drop much harder due to the new releases. It depends on what formula you're using. The marketing campaign was definitely $100m+ which is pretty standard for a tentpole of this size, plus it's one of WB's two main tentpoles for the Summer. So you can simplify it by adding production and marketing (150m+100m) and have the studio take half the gross, so it'd need $500M at the least. For a better breakdown though, I'm going to be generous and say it makes $440m in the end. $150m domestic gives 50% to the studio, China will finish at $95m gives 25% to the studio and the rest of the world gives $195m and gives 40% to the studio. That's 75m+23.75m+78m=176.75m...I mean in the end ancillaries will make it break even but the theatrical run ain't it Coach. It still a pretty long way until it even begins to break even. I thought this was a smash hit in the making and $600 million as the minimum was my projection. To me the marketing was good but the word of mouth just wasn't there in the end. Endgame did also suck up all the earlier buzz that DP built up which was to be expected but not to the extent that I thought it would. On the contrary I quite LOVE Warner Bro movies and their diversity. I'm actually seeing Godzilla tomorrow and watching it ahead of the box office juggernaut Aladdin because I enjoy monster movies more. In my country it's getting crushed by Aladdin, so I'm doing my part since it needs all the help it can get. Deadline actually pushed up the prediction again to $44.5M (-51%). Wow. Curious to see the estimates! Couldn't have said it any better! I'm curious to see how the GA would react to a Namor film with Aquaman already out. Yikes. That's a troubling sign :( They still have Joker as well but their entire winter schedule looks pretty weak. I'm not even sure they can hold onto 2nd place tbh. This was their last big film really until It2 so it's been pretty miserable for them this year unfortunately. View all replies >