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Number 9 highest grossing movie of all time Production Budget 200m? So Disney has grossed about 8 billion this year from 6 movies... This film only needs another 10m to break even Already the second highest grossing film of the year by 100m margin. This was like a really great 80s film According to my calculations... Did it break even yet? Marvel studios will cross 5 billion in 6 months So Queen.... View all posts >


make that 2022. Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Thor all have release dates for sequels. We know that GotG sequel is coming as well as Spider-man(in or out of the MCU). But it's all quiet on the Captain Marvel front. hmmm.... Into the spiderverse did incredibly at the box office. It looked like an animated tv episode and made more money than antman at the US box office. Don't even try. Some people just want to see uncle ben die for the fifth time and a red haired mary jane with no personality, because every hot woman in the sixties hat to have red hair. Like black widow, scarlet witch, jean grey... This is a Scott Mendelson article. Given that Scott Mendelson has relentlessly been hating on the MCU for half a decade, it's utterly worthless.I for one will not be interested in Sony Spiderman. Given that kevin feige really wants spiderman in, I suspect this will somehow be resolved. The MCU needa spiderman as he is the biggest connecting tissue between phase 3 and phase 4. Feige hasbeen screwed with by pearlmutter and then with the james gunn firing. Feige got his way in the end. wait for the sequel. I didn't get the standing on air thing either. It makes sense that he would have punched a hole through the plane, since all the force he would be applying to hold the plane would be concentrated on a small area(his hands). Of the top 10 highest grossing movies of the year worldwide, it has the third highest domestic split of box office earnings, at 34.6%. Higher than: Endgame Spiderman Alladin How to train Your Dragon Fast and Furious Pokemon Queen seems to be implying that it wont be the second highest grossing at the end of the year. I assume the reason he won't say which film will beat it is because the only films that have a chance in hell are Disney films. Queen always just stops replying when he's beaten. I mean, I'm still waiting to hear which film is going to beat the Lion King for second place at the Box Office this year. View all replies >