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Why were all the Germans assholes?*spoilers* Joe Rogan Interview Hasn't this show been cancelled yet? All you trolls.... Flop? Is this girl a really famous actress? We need to talk about the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score So any OW BO predictions? Can't wait to see this movie... Remember when Rotten Tomatoes scores used to mean something? View all posts >


I have a better theory. Firstly, Harley Quinn is actually a popular comic book character. Captain Marvel has never been popular, and in the last few years has become actively hated. The comic books were already drenched in wokeness. Secondly, Suicide Squad was a bad film, and Margot Robbie's portrayal was one of the better things the movie had going for it. Thirdly, the DC films are not really interconnected at this point, so it's not going to ruin anything else that is going on. I guess you missed the part where they chose a soldier whose brother was in the battalion. This is because they were being sent on what was tantamount to a suicide mission. The only reason that he was motivated to actually make it by the morning was because he wanted to save his brother's life. His friend didn't actually want to go through with the mission at all, until after he died. You are also ignoring the fact that soldiers were routinely used as cannon fodder in the first world war. 750 thousand British soldiers alone died in combat. Which works out at an average of 4 thousand every week for 4 years. Saving the lives of 1600 soldiers might not have been as big a priority as you think it was. a billion. It won't be compared to those movies, because nobody saw them. What inconsistencies? I don't know if it was the intention, but I did think he would be the one to die. But I guess I should have known, since it was the other guy's brother who they were going to save. You are assuming that they would have had a receiver in every battalion. Since using radio would allow the Germans to eavesdrop on transmissions, it probably wasn't widely used in the War. And yes, they could have used code, but if every Battalion in the trenches had access to the code, it would have been very easy to get access to. Also the Wikipedia article says "The primitive spark gap transmitters used until 1920 transmitted damped waves, which had very large bandwidth and tended to interfere with other transmissions" Which is another reason that their use would have probably been limited. Didn't planes already fly over the area? That was how they got the information in the first place. It's not. I thought Dunkirk was boring. This was way better. Trailer looked very generic and showed practically nothing, other than the fact that Sony will desperately try to link it to the MCU to make dollars. View all replies >