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There was also that Woman in Rogue One. Was she a strong woman? I have no idea, can't remember anything about her. There are already plenty of interesting female characters in Marvel movies. They just aren't the leads. But there are also interesting female leads. Wonder Woman for example. Her weakness was her naivity I guess. She is more of a Captain America type I though, the interesting thing is seeing her ideals come up against reality. Furiosa was a good lead female character. I mean that movie was packed full of woke propoganda/"metaphors" for patriarchy, but it was a good film so who gives a fuck. As boring maybe, but not more. But never mind, I already thought of one: aquaman. Name a film that was more boring than captain marvel. Shh. Carl Manvers. Major Resting Bitch Face. So when something happens to a man it's "boo hoo" and when something happens to a woman it's "oppression". Women have at pretty much all points in history had a longer life expectancy than men. This despite the fact that a lot of women died in childbirth(which is hardly a fact that can be blamed on men, but I'm sure you'll find a way). Men have been slaughtered and mutilated by the millions in wars. In many of those countries where you think women get such a bad deal, 12 year old boys are being sent off to join militias(because all of the adult men are already dead). Girls are banned from going to school, yet more girls are in school than boys because the boys have been enlisted as soldiers. What you are doing is taking an example of something bad that happens to women, then ignoring the worse things that happen to men, and hey presto! Women are oppressed! It's not really your fault though. Like most men you have an innate bias in favour of women over men, which is hard to overcome. Yeah it was really tedious when I was on the floor being kicked in the face by two guys who attacked me for no reason when I was walking home from a club and people were standing around looking on and doing nothing. I'm sure all those women who got their bum pinched had a terrible time of it though. Is it really tedious though? Or are you just offended by the idea that being a protector of women doesn't make you special, but rather a very typical man? I remember the scene bothering me in the film a bit, because it was over the top and wreckless. But Batman didn't yank the kids out of the car, slap them in the face and then steal the car. I'm having a hard time believing you cannot tell the obvious difference here. But then you are probably a troll. But I'm bored enough to humour you. View all replies >