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Remember when Rotten Tomatoes scores used to mean something? on track to once again be number 1 at the weekend BO Blade will debut in another MCU film? Number 9 highest grossing movie of all time Production Budget 200m? So Disney has grossed about 8 billion this year from 6 movies... This film only needs another 10m to break even Already the second highest grossing film of the year by 100m margin. This was like a really great 80s film According to my calculations... View all posts >


I think the "verified ratings" has something to do with that audience score. You should share this info with movie studios. They will be able to increase their yearly profits by billions! A film with a 50m budget in its 4th week of release only 0.2m away from beating a film with a 200m budget in its 2nd week of release. Stunning. How do you know he didn't? You could have made exactly the same movie, without the mention of Joker and changed Wayne to another name. It would have worked fine as a movie. It most likely wouldn't have broken 100m if it had no connection with The Joker or DC. How did it cost 55m? Was Joaquin's paycheck 50m? It's overseas box office was more impressive. Only down 29%. And that after a 150m opening. The actuals will definitely be higher. Probably closer to 60 Million. Either way, it's at 544 Million after it's second weekend. Will definitely be the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. It had a 29% drop at the overseas box office. Stunning. Well you are probably right like a stopped clock every now and then, but you were actually ahead of the game with this prediction. And Billy brown has run off with his tail between his legs. View all replies >