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What a wild movie!! You libtards love him always talking about him Loves Abortion Spooky Weirdo RIP Ghostbusters Batman? First Movie I Saw in Theaters this Year They are really milking this star wars bogus dry View all posts >


If only knives were banned like they did in londanistan this would have never happened. There might be the 2nd amendment protecting guns but there is no amendment protecting knife rights. Ban knives!!! Did you even watch the video? No normal dude would ever touch kids like that. If you think smelling kids hair and touching little girls breasts is normal in the correct context then ur a fucking pedo and deserve to be forcefully castrated I have been to Bolivia once. Its really rough over there. Country was always poor but now there glacier melted and they have a huge water problem. Locals water only turns on for an hour period once a week now in La Paz & you don't know when that is so if nobodies home to store the water you gotta wait another week to bath. Beautiful city but dangerous Yeah RT is super bogus. Makes IMDB seem legit Great show. The pay per view episdoes are even better! Its all fake. Dont trust a thing on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. Its all bullshiet That is a pretty good point. I would also like to see an movie about Martin Luther King played by an Asian teenager, that would be interesting to watch, its starting to get racist that only black dudes are being given that role over and over again Alcoholism I always watched this show with my mom when i was younger. Good days View all replies >