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Wokeness is not sustainable How pathetic and desperate are the Dems? Jessica Alba as a skilled Special Forces Commando? Please just stop.. So very hot! Dr. Who Dat As much as I wanna be excited for this..... I thought it was entertaining. The mother's acting was bad. Frickin' masterpiece compared to new one View all posts >


Well said I don't pay attention to critics anymore. They are full of shit and usually have some sort of woke agenda attached to their ratings. Audience ratings are more reliable these days and they're saying the movie is great. Well said Trannies man, they creep me out It's cause you like 🥒 So you're copying other people's Biden comments, inserting Trump's name in there instead and posting them. Not very bright are you? LOL! LOL! Show some respect to your next president. LOL! No they wouldn't Sure, it makes people think you don't know what you're talking about. View all replies >