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Do you think his Viking movie will ever get made? Why aren't the costumes as revealing in the movies as they are in the comics? Movies about straight guys who turn gay? Are corporations going to back Trump in 2020 now that he gave them a tax cut? France is using chemical weapons on their own citizens Comcast endorses Joe Biden, wants Net Neutrality Jon Stewart called them the gayest organization in America Can you be against Israel without being antisemitic? Every time she's on TV she's sitting down in a chair Would anybody like to debate vaccines? View all posts >


On an island with Jeffry Epstein... It seems to be common for women to hallucinate sexual fantasies with famous people. Name any famous person and there's some woman with an impossible accusation. It's hilarious when we find out that all the details came from a TV crime drama. I don't know what to do about it other than to start prosecuting the accusers. It's already supposed to be illegal. Why aren't we doing this? Nikki Haley is Condoleeza Rice 2. Would she be a lock for the Republican nomination? I don't think so. She's a non-white female war hawk, not exactly popular things with the base. She's the media's idea of what a good "conservative" should be. Or as you put it, "competent". I would never give ideology the backseat to that. Again, I suspect she's a lot more popular with liberals than with conservatives, just like Tulsi Gabbard in your party is a lot more popular with conservatives than with liberals on account of her opposite anti-war stance. Powerful corporatist saves infantile Jews from cartoonish lunatic? What isn't dishonest about it? The entire purpose of the movie was to use "antisemitism" as a shield against criticism. You're lying. You don't want me to answer GotWood's question. You said you "don't like where this is going" meaning you want to suppress discussion, because you know where's it's going. That's a perfect demonstration of intellectual dishonesty. I've seen that and don't think it fits, but thanks for trying. The idea might be fantasy, but there's nothing wrong with fantasy. Think about it a different way. It could even be presented as pro-gay propaganda to suggest that men should turn to other men when the going gets tough. That's how animals do sex selection, sexual opportunism. I deliberately phrased it that way. I'm looking for something... inspirational. Never heard of the SPLC? Cops posing as prostitutes is normally considered entrapment. Schindler's List. It doesn't work if you admit he was sick when he got here and that taxpayers even gave him free medical care. By the way, it wasn't measles was it? The whole story is a "canard". The Jew uses blacks to drive whites out of that condo building the way the wizard uses orcs to drive hobbits out of the shire in Lord of the Rings. The moviemakers did their best to editorialize over this content, for example having the teacher cower in fear when Jenny retorts that Jesus was Jewish. Pretty sure that was my comment that was deleted above, by (((IMDb))). View all replies >