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She was put on earth by god to annoy you. <i>Now she is just a crybaby sjw.</i> Disagree. She's still a great performer (singing, acting) so she's not <b>just</b> a crybaby sjw. This is so irrelevant, LOL. Mixing perception of beauty with politics.... 👍 Idiot. It's definitely ill-intentioned. As if Taylor Swift had personally done something to that person. I highly doubt that's the case. To me this person is either bad, like you said, or have issues. I sure hope that on the 1 to 10 scale, he/she scores better than miss Swift.. which I highly doubt, because the inner beauty part is very questionable. Only in that parallel universe your lil' brain created for itself, ElSofoque. I think the OP is a woman. But anyway... OP seems to believe she sets beauty standards for everyone. Now, I know beauty is subjective. But it's freaking Taylor Swift. I mean come on! To say this woman is <i>Extremely unattractive</i> is a pure manifestation of bad-faith and —LiquidOcelot said it— jealousy. It's f*cking pathetic. 🤦‍♂️ Wow. She looks more old than young, to be honest. That was my pick too. Try reading the titles of the other threads and you'll find your answer, you lazy..... person. How do you know it's his glorification? It may be more nuanced than you think. Honestly, they wouldn't "look like they are getting 10 hours of sleep a night" forever. If it goes on, sooner or later it's gonna show on their face. I'm used to get the "Damn, you don't look 45!". But I'm mentally preparing for my bad lifestyle to suddenly take a toll on my appearance. However, I still think you're right about Lohan. To keep her good looks she would have had to take special care of herself (thing that would be easier for her than any everyday people). I think the drugs and other excess took a toll on her very quickly. She was a beautiful young lady. Come one now, lol. I go with Candice Swanepoel. Stop drinking. (seen somewhere on this board) The Big Orange Turd They were pretty damn good, in fact. Not saying that it is (fake) but nowadays even videos can be deep-faked so there's no such thing as "obviously not faked" anymore. <b>- In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)</b> I didn't expect much but it ended up being pretty interesting and I really enjoyed it. <b>- Time Trap (2017)</b> I also really liked that one.