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Can't keep on watching this Very unpopular opinion here... Bad 'tal How can it end the way it did? Things that ruined it for me. (in 4 points) Angelina Jolie-like Most unrealistic reaction *SPOILER* Egor and Yana (believable?) Similar movies... right ! Would you want a sequel to this? (spoilers) View all posts >


More like the woman in "Paranormal", the egyptian series. I thoroughly approve this comment. ☝ 👍 Thank you good sir. I admit... I put a lot of effort and it was quite time consuming BUT... I did it ! Seems like you are not the only genius around here ! Jaret leto a miscast for sure. Jared Leto will be great though ! Would it have been better if they were white? 😂 Idiot. Again. Who cares? That is completely irrelevant to what the original post was about; i.e. : a tribute to her magnificent beauty and sensuality. It's about the woman. Not her career. I was not judging her legs bad or good (I honestly don't care). It was just too much of a flagrant example that we can find everything and its opposite on this message board. https://www.picpasteplus.com/v.php?i=e8f0438f5a This board.. I swear 🤣🤣🤣 View all replies >