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96% of ROS has been reshot... The names on that poster... This movie... Just saw the film... Who the fuck is this? Would you rather... Greatest director? Fun fact Sequel coming? Absolutely loving this... View all posts >


Oh, Christ...calm down. So what? These scores are based on opinion, not fact. Besides, the entire film industry and marketing landscape has changed over the past 39 years. To compare the two is like comparing chocolate to fecal matter. But you already knew that. It’s obvious that you’re just looking to stir things up. Sometimes my butthole burns after I make poop from it. Calm down. He’s asking a legitimate question. Lol, do you know what a fact is? I did. I will not. Even the 73rd second? This has me 69 times more excited than any Marvel or Star Wars trailer could ever hope to. No. Uh oh...papa bear is upset. View all replies >