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No, I’d wager that he’s hit the mark pretty close, so stop being defensive and tell us...what is wrong with you? Daaaaaaaaamn. Sick (and accurate) burn. Actual lol. I understand that you meant it as a compliment, but I would have to disagree. A modern film wouldn’t have anywhere near the depth and richness of color found in this film due to the Technicolor process that was utilized. Instead, you’d have everything captured in RAW format on some Red or Arri digital camera, and then manipulated in post until the “proper” color is achieved. It’s rare to find a current director who has enough self-control to make this method look good, without everything ending up being either too dark or too overly-saturated (or both). Long story short, modern cinematography techniques are disgustingly inferior to what was considered the norm in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Yes, but at least Wes Anderson’s use of differing aspect ratios in The Grand Budapest Hotel served a narrative function. Nolan on the other hand just seems to like IMAX, and so uses it anytime he feels that he can get away with it. Why he thinks that the more observant members of his audience won’t be jarred by the continuous expansion/shrinkage of the frame is absolutely baffling, especially coming from a director who repeatedly says that he wants to “immerse” people in the world he’s created. In regards to acting, I would say, “Yes. I can do better.” What’s so funny? I’m so glad that you’re able to see the truth. By that logic, shouldn’t you have been in hell for the past five years? She has one strong opinion...that a woman must be boring at all times. View all replies >