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How did I completely miss that ... So Heath Ledger's Oscar was subjective. Someone needs to clean the toilets Did Inception come after TDK? I liked Inception. A good excuse to boot reality out of the window and have fun with defying physics. Better to not use any characters if you're not going to do anything with them. I don't think it was one of Eric's personal guitars :) but rather one of his guitar lines Chuck in a proper case for $500 and it's still a heavy whack of money. What about company schemes? This is where things get really spicy. Is Grey listed on the exchange? No idea. Grey Matter was founded some 15 years ago. Company is worth $15m. Shares are worth $10 each so that's 150,000 shares listed. Walt uses the company's share scheme to buy as many shares as possible from his earnings. He's already earning *4 (again, artificially low) what he get's as a teacher. At a minimum he invests $120k in the company. Grey matter grows %10 pcm, the share price rises as such. Walt dies, Walt jnr. inherits them, graduates from college in 5 years time. 5 years at %10 compound growth and the shares are worth $200k. Very nice. Maybe Grey Matter isn't listed on the market. Walt could ask for a stake in the company instead. 2% is a paltry amount for 2 years work. That means Walt is entitled to 2% of all company profits, again at a meagre $1m earnings per year that's $20,000. What happen's when Walt dies? His kids inherit his stake. So his kids get $20,000 per year. For doing nothing. Even though Walt is dead. For as long as Grey matter exists. Ker-ching! But yeah, chemistry teachers abandoning their jobs and going into making class A drugs for huge profits happens so often it's not even in the news any more. >OK but that doesn’t fulfil Walt’s objective - which is to provide a nest egg for his family. You've obviously got no idea what sort of monies are being involved in this situation. Scrolling up a bit you quoted $30k for a few months so that's $10k per month? $120k per year? I guarantee that's more than what Walt's getting for his teaching job. Probably double. The series takes over 2 years so that's $240k. Before income tax ? You don't say, but Walt's benefits would include medial treatment as an added bonus because Elliot explicitly says so, and Walt's expenses suddenly plummet. Yet you claim that this is a pittance. Why would Elliot think Walt would want to join when offering such a low salary? Walt could accept a job with a rival company for a higher wage. $150k would not be unreasonable. But oh dear, you saw Elliot's birthday party and the enormous mansion he lives in. Elliot owes his success to Walt's help during their Uni days and Grey Matter is now worth a fortune. $200k per year would not be unrealistic in those circumstances. I've met people from San Fransisco on similar wages yet the costs of living there soaks up almost their entire monthly pay pack. Alberquerque will be much cheaper. Walt may not earn enough to cover his own personal target he met but he would have taught his kids that studying hard at college will earn you big bucks on the long run. Still not convinced? What other company benefits are normal these days that Walt could get? If Elliot can pay himself $200k pear year (unrealisticly low, considering his circle of friends can afford to give him an effing Stratocaster as a present) then how much post-tax profit is Grey matter making every year? More than $1m if they can afford to take Walt on at a similar wage, but to give you an idea what's possible, let's stick with that. They have put themselves in those circumstances and every time opted to get a job with Grey matter. This answers your original question. Where did you get $30,000 from? View all replies >