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I was 15 years old when this movie came out and I enjoyed watching it. I watched the rest of the sequels at the movie theater when they came out, but the original Robocop I watched on HBO. You might be correct on what you are stating about that Mydarkstar. They always try to make something so good at the end of a biopic for some reason. I live in Champaign, Illinois and it blows my mind that there is not a White Castle where I live at. The University Of Illinois is here and we have students who are from Chicago, Illinois a much larger city than Champaign. I have not seen a White Castle move down to Central Illinois. Just think how much money White Castle would make if they opened up a place right on campus or even off campus? You would have drunk college students or those who do marijuana wanting to go to White Castle just to eat. It is just like Arby's locations. I can remember when every Arby's in the early 2000's would sell Coke products. When I went to order a soft drink with my meal they began to sell Pepsi products. About 2 or 2 1/2 years ago they switched from Pepsi products back over to Coke products once again. I still remember when Arby's would give free glass ware right around certain holidays or some float that contains a Coke product in it along with possibly ice cream. I believe a ice cream float. I grew up in the 80's as a kid watching Cheech and Chong films and still find them hilarious even though I did not mess around with drugs. This includes in high school as well. I somewhat wonder about the placement of products in films as well because I have seen films where they have a soda machine with either a Coke logo on it or Pepsi their rival. I have thought about using placements in a script that I am still working on. I know that one of my main actor loves Jack Daniels and I believe it is Canada Dry, or some tonic just to help them out and I might even contact the companies and say, "Hey if I do this in my film would you be interested in investing into it to help get the film made?" Adam Sandler used in Happy Gilmore Subway Sandwiches and he did a few commercials during the film as well. This is what I have noticed in other films some of the advertisement placements. I am a big Coke fan over Pepsi and I might also use Coke in my script. It is a wait and see process though. From what I have heard they used green screen to help recreate that and had extras dress in what was popular to wear during 1987. I was in Spain at the time when Live Aid took place and remember the news footage that they showed on TV. I was 15 years old at that time. Some of the information on how Freddie Mercury joined the bad was not quite accurate because Freddie was already friends with the lead singer and met while they both attended college. I believe that is how Freddie got to know the rest of his band mates. I would have liked to have seen more detail about Flash Gordon and Highlander because QUEEN did the soundtrack for both films. All I saw was Malek wearing a T-shirt with the symbol or wording of Flash Gordon on it and that was it. The part where gay men having fun with each other would have pushed it a little bit too far I think. I would not have had a issue with two men holding hands or slight kiss on the lips, but too much sex with two men would have pushed it too far in my opinion. I used to enjoy watching some of the award shows including the Oscars before it became too political due to President Trump in office and every person is screaming how they hate Trump being in office. I sat and watched the Oscars. Some of the movies today I would not consider Oscar material, but you have to remember writing is not like what it used to be either. I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody it touched a little bit about Freddie Mercurys life without going too far into the darkside that possibly would turn off some people including myself since I am a straight man who is into women. It was a good film and I had a co-worker who asked me if it would be alright for his wife and him to go see it. I told him because I am a straight guy that it did not push the envelope too far. I know that the LGBTQ were hoping that it would have shown a lot more in the film. I was pleased that it showed a little bit of the darker side to Freddie Mercury. I have seen a BBC bio done on Freddie Mercury and a person who worked with Freddie stated that Freddie was having a orgy with both men and women and invited this guy to join them in the fun. The guy told Freddie that he would talk with him later. View all replies >