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You're probably right, he could've been disoriented. Thankfully, she managed to recover from it after a while and even though she thinks about it sometimes, it doesn't affect her anymore. That sounds really scary, I'm glad you didn't stay long at that place. I never had weird people knocking on my door, but my mother had a pretty terrifying experience a few years ago. I was born and raised in a small village of a Greek island, I still go there to visit my parents from time to time. There are very few residents, so it's really quiet in winter, however there are a lot of tourists in summer. About 15 years ago, on a summer evening, my mother was sitting alone on our balcony which is connected to the ground with a stone staircase (almost all houses in the village are built in the same way) and it has a small iron gate at the top of the steps that you have to open to get onto the balcony. Suddenly, she saw a man coming up the steps. He was a stranger, she'd never seen him before. She asked him if he needed any help (it's common for tourists to get lost because the village has many paths and roads that are confusing to someone who isn't a local) but he gave no answer. He just came towards her and the look on his face scared her. For a moment she froze in shock but then she ran inside the house, slammed the door shut behind her and turned the key which was (fortunately) already in the lock. She called my father on his cellphone while keeping an eye on the man outside. Until this day, I can't for the life of me understand why she didn't call the police immediately. Later she told me that she panicked and just did the first thing that came in her mind. The man opened the small gate, got on the balcony and stood in front of our door. He didn't knock on the door, he didn't say anything, he just stood there with an intimidating expression on his face. By the time my dad got home, the man was gone. My mom was terrified for several days after this. She never saw that man again and after a few weeks summer was over, all tourists left and things went back to normal, but she still gets the creeps whenever she remembers that day. That's right, he didn't have to betray Varys, especially since Varys was the one who helped him escape after he murdered Tywin. It seemed to me like he was trying to save his own skin(Dany would propably burn someone anyway since she was paranoid and saw enemies all around her), thinking that if he ratted Varys out, he would prove his own loyalty and regret for not keeping the secret about Jon's true identity. His character was already a mess for a while now, he keeps turning from one of the smartest people of this show into a complete idiot. He also used to be one of the most likable characters and this betrayal makes him a pretty horrible person. Varys risked his own life to help him escape King's Landing, but Tyrion couldn't keep his mouth shut. And the worst part is that deep down he knew Varys was right about Dany and he still acts like an idiot, so all those people who were massacred in King's Landing have Tyrion to thank (among others). View all replies >