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Yep I laughed. Thanks. Totally agree. I’d have no problem with them reconning all of that. Maybe have Clyde Phillips do the ending he always wanted to do... Yep that’s my understanding too. It’s often used as a technique to allow someone a few seconds to gather their thoughts before answering a question. It’s used so much now that sometimes it seems insincere — but it does work for some people. A silent pause before answering makes it look like you don’t know the answer and are searching for a response. Answering immediately might seem that you didn’t give much thought at all to the question. From IMDB: Frequent flying of helicopters overhead was written into the script because production did not have enough budget to stop the helicopters from flying. I also remember this as being the first to include a couple’s relationship in the storyline, in regards to their marital troubles in the beginning and patched up by the ending. I really thought all three of these aspects were going to become a new blueprint for more action movies going forward as inspired by Cameron but I don’t recall it catching on. I always thought this was a good explanation from a poster on Quora. Apologies, too long to post here. <blockquote>Why did The Godfather, Part 2 end with the Corleone boys seated at the family dinner table waiting for their father on December 7, 1941, the day that would live in infamy? Because the scene was intended to tie the two story lines within the film together to show how the lives of both Michael Corleone and his father, Vito Corleone, would diverge, rather than run parallel, over the course of their separate lifetimes. And it also served as a reminder to Michael of what he had really wanted for himself and how he never achieved any of his real dreams and goals.</blockquote> Rest of post here: Her face reminded me of a young Denise Richards. Can’t imagine what he saw in her. God yes. Only character on this show that makes me laugh. Sticks ended up acting in porn in the 80s View all replies >