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Well two things, they have a secret no one knows about, but them. And it was her last offer to get him to stay or take her with him. She would have left with him in a heartbeat but he wasnt going for it. No words needed, written all over their faces. Good calls on your part. Direction seems to be a hard snub that I do think It should have gotten. I didnt think the trailer looked very good. It seemed amateurish actually. Im a huge MM fan but all I felt was meh... Ill see it somewhere in the future. Be a grown up and make your own decisions. How bout that? I agree. He is not very good. I want him to be but he is not. Unlike his father, who I cant take my eyes off no matter what he is in, JDW just doesnt have it. I think Joaquin has reached that rarified air, much like Sean Connery before him, where he is such an amazingly talented actor that it just doesnt matter. And good for him. Thats too bad, you missed the epic fight scene with the brute. Absolutely agree with you bout that. Sounds about right. I am not hopeful for any Marvel projects at this point. If you wanna see a good Blade film go watch the original. Agreed. Its not gut busting side splitting humor but rather slight chuckles and smiles. Yeah your right. Nice catch. Thanks. I love that one too. I think would have been a superstar much like Arno.d but with much better acting skills. He had an undeniable screen presence and charisma. They are 2 loud. ALL THE WAY. They have lost their way, its gonna be horrible. No he did not. Bill Fictner was the only highlight but even this script had him pinned down. Im cautiously optimistic. Of course I want it to be great. I am a little hit and miss with CN. The ones I like from him I like with a passion, some other things do not connect with me at all. Hows by you Harlem? Go fuck yourself shitstick. He has a right to free speech. Yes and entering the danger zone this weekend. Doesnt look good. They may have over promoted.