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Not as good as I expected... Spoilers This was horrible Boyface Friendship good, selling out bad Aisling Franciosi She is a true hero Sledding across breaking ice Is there a version that is dubbed in English? The replacement actors took me out of the film Very good acting View all posts >


I love long takes/shots. I began to get bored with the long trench takes as they basically just showing the same scenery over and over. Yeah its impressive to consider the technical achievement but I felt it would have been ok to cut some of them down. It was just a straight up plot device to kill Blake, nothing about that scene was logical or reasonable. It was quite lame actually. Right on. I hope to see your guys doing well. Lol, oh man. I feel your pain. Arent they moving to Vegas? Maybe a new start in a new city is what they need. My Ravens lost man. I am really bummed that they didnt even compete or make it interesting. The Titans destroyed us. Its ok though I am over it. There is always next year and we have a talented young QB but it sux cause I was expecting to watch 2 more Ravens games this year and now I have to wait 7 months to see them again. Absolutely! Respect to you. I just don't agree with the glorification of abortion. Agreed. I didnt love the film overall but the performances were remarkable. Thats cool. To each his own. I certainly did not think it was among one of the best war movies I had ever seen. Certainly no comparison to SPR. Just not a top tier war film for me. I didnt, yet I still complain. Lol. I am a paradox. :-) The kids were amazing. Rockwell is always entertaining, loved his bit at the end getting the kid out of there. View all replies >