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Not that good Gonna skip Season 2 but watch season 3 No its not good It really holds up very well Benedict was right and Bergolio was wrong... Boring, too long Unexpectedly great. If you liked Chinatown... Still holds up Crackhead... Not cool Its a good watch View all posts >


Brad Dourif Yeah I know my 80 yo Mom loved it too. To me it was a disappointment. Really ignorant post, just dumb. I disagree I found it to be remarkable. It one of his finest performances. Really a lot more voice work than acting. Lol. Truly revolting. She definitely did. Mom liked it I did not, we paid the 20. And they have that awesome accent too. A lot of people really like The Jerk. I think his best acting performance was in Parenthood and my favorite film of his is All of Me with Lily Tomlin, hilarious. But I dont think he ever made a great film. I really liked The Man with Two brains, it was a ballsy production. LOL I know right. View all replies >