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I think at very least they could have released around Halloween. I still dont understand why they didnt, definitely would have made more in that time-frame. Yeah its stupid. Its definitely worth a watch. Not great but it will keep you interested. OK did you see Captive State? Check out Equilibrium, thats a good dystopian flick. The trailer looks horrible, the concept is ridiculous. Might be good for some laughs in a... Really? WTF? Thats so stupid kinda way. Meanwhile The Mandalorian looks amazing. If I am picking between 2 new sub services gotta go Disney+, no brainer. I agree. The editing is a 10. Its not a perfect film, some weak spots, but overall I gave 9/10. Also 1917 looks amazing. I agree. Greatly anticipating both. So few and so far between. We used to get a lot more back in the day, a lot of crap these days. I am also looking forward to Guy Ritchies The Gentlemen. Trailer dropped today. OK thanks. I thought Rhodie looked extra big in that particular shot. View all replies >