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I decided that this will be… I hate musicals… I just rewatched the trailer and Its fake Oh no Anyone else a little disappointed that they did not There is no way!!! Bwahahaha…. Cash was excellent Rumored FF director… View all posts >


I made it about 20-30 minutes. Even worse its slow and boring. 1) Sneakers 2) At Close Range 3) An Interview with God. I thought it was a simple representation of what people really used to do. This was before star 69. If you wanted to know if somebody was home you could do this. It is a bit stalkerish. But its authentic. Relax bro. This is the new model. Some films go to screen and others split and other goto streaming. I think its a film by film situation now. Yes of course I noticed because its so odd. True. Agreed. Singing in the Rain is a classic, gotta love Gene Kelly. Prove what you say. Prove it. I think ppl are more upset Tim Allen was replaced. All u retards obsessed with race and constantly virtue signaling. You are the boy who cried wolf… 10/10. Its a great song. I dont know how it ever got made. View all replies >