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Is this movie part of a series? Looks like you have to know your History... Please help me understand the ending. Wait, I'm confused... (MAJOR SPOILERS) Can we PLEASE discuss this movie? O, come on!! (SPOILERS) Is this an exact duplicate of... Bunkum? No woman in her right mind would... Pure shite. View all posts >


@ bohemianroxie SPOILERS There were so many unanswered questions. I knew midway through that there might be a twist at the end where we find out that they are real humans in some way. Turned out I was right. It passed the time, I suppose. Now on to something more cerebral... @ JepGambardella Thanks for the clarification. I was way off in my thinking when I was pondering that a cloning operation had taken place. "Shite" sounds more polite. :-) @ PKS Sounds good. Will keep my eyes peeled for it. =) Have a wonderful day. @ PKS - the site we're on right now - has a lot of IMDB refugees. As far as I know, it was created as a replacement for IMDB's boards. Hopefully, as time goes by more and more people will come on here and comment/ share insights. Did you try reading reviews on the movie? Maybe there are useful tidbits of info there... @ PKS I don't know what kind of luck you will have on here... Not a lot of people have posted on this board/ forum. I don't think the movie has been seen by a lot of people. You can try for analyses by the cast and crew of other movies. But there is nothing on there about this particular movie. Hope that helps. =) Cheers. @ PKS I remember him returning to his family, but whether it was a dream or reality I do not recall. @ PKS I am so sorry. I do not remember much about the movie since I watched it a while ago. The part that stood out was the fact that he was a dirty philanderer. I hope someone else has a reply for you. Cheers. And sorry again for being of no help. @ whalewithhands Thanks for the reply... Yes, things were not wrapped up in a bow for us all. Upon thinking about the themes of the movie, one is shown how society is partial towards mothers over fathers. Lorenzo is not taken seriously because he is a man and because of his bohemian background, and thus, injustices are committed against him. But, like I said, everything is not tied up and wrapped in a bow for us. Really bugged me that we couldn't understand what Grudum, the midwife, was saying. =) Thanks for your interest, whalewithhands. Maybe we'll bump into each other on a different forum. Cheers. p.s.: will put "The Boys from Brazil" on my watchlist. @ whalewithhands It's a solid movie. 7 out of 10 from me. View all replies >