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@ olioz What I found unrealistic was the fact that he didn't feel it on/in him. That was just freaking unbelievable. And yea, that was super gross. Yuck! @ JimUK69 Yea, it was totally a rushed ending. Guess the director wanted to leave it up to us and our imaginations. Enjoyable movie. 6.5 out of 10 from me. Thanks. Gonna watch it this week. @ Nina I came here looking for answers to this exact question. Nic was an ingrate and a degenerate. His dad loved him and so did his mother. He had nice things. He was fairly good-looking. I couldn't figure out what the dude's problem was? I give this movie 6 stars for that reason...No proper character development. @ BrunoAnthony You are right. I should lower my expectations significantly when watching horror fare. Some SEMBLANCE of motivation would have been nice. But that's asking too much, I suppose. @ whalewithhands Thanks so much for replying to my post. I will take a close look at that poem in a little while. I don't know why the director chose to place it in the dialogue like that. Would never have guessed it's from a poem or such. Hmm... now you've really got me thinking. =) @RoboReCop Thanks. That makes sense of it all for me. =) Cheers! @ jf22561 This movie was riddled with problems. I didn't know what the heck I was watching... I wanted my hour and a half back. It was a snoozefest. Lucky for me, I found a video explaining the film on Youtube. But even with the help I received in interpreting it, I still wasn't satisfied with it. No moral/ lesson to take away from it. Nothing new was introduced, no solid impression was made. *shakes head* What a waste. @StinkyPoopyPants I see your point... Amy can be quite obnoxious and lewd. Rebel, on the other hand, is a sweetie-pie. Iirc, he was trying to get to some sort of rescue station or shelter... maybe where he could send out a signal for help, or come across people who could help him out. This shelter was depicted/ represented by a diamond on the map. The map was helping him chart an unobstructed course through the rocky terrain. I.e.: it showed him a path he could travel that was just flat land and no hills/ mountains. Hope that helps. View all replies >