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@ bond998 ROFL! Is that a question or a statement? LMAO. I saw that 22 was going to end up somewhere in Pakistan or northern India. I see her becoming a boddhisatva (a spiritual guru). She demonstrated throughout the film that she has the heart for it. If your heart is in the right place, it doesn't matter if you end up in a shit-hole country. You're going to inspire millions with your energy/ presence no matter where on the globe you are. @ ExTechOp Ah... that makes sense. Thanks for pointing it out to me. =) @ KillMangy66 Yea, I saw the resemblance to Sandra Bullock as well. :-) @ Hans-Wilhelm God/ Jesus Christ = Iris Lofthouse found God. A relationship with God was missing from his life, and that is what he found in his solitude. Adult Iris never knew him. The dude was too busy pursuing his scientific interests and never took his relationship with Iris' mom and Iris seriously. He was emotionally and physically-distant - a bad father. The young girl Iris stood for the innocence or better part of his nature. She represented his connection with his true self. Young Iris ended up saving him from the bore that his life had become. Lofthouse was connected to his work, and not God. At the end of the movie, we see that he made it to Lake Haven (read: Heaven). So many metaphors in this movie... Anyways, hope I helped clarify things. @bobbydallas Yea, was going to say the same thing... You beat me to it. @ hownos I don't know where Neil went. But if you check out my post, you will get clarity on other things, hopefully. Cheers. @ Moviebuff1 Jax Teller takes my breath away. =) She's one of my favourites. She gave a great performance in "Earthquake Bird" - available on Netflix. @ muffleface This struck me as funny when I finally thought of it, after wracking my head over what motive the killer had for haunting and destroying people's lives the way he did. Then it finally struck me that RV stands for "recreational vehicle". Think of the vehicle as having a human being's qualities/ persona. The RV had an animated spirit that made the killer do things for recreational purposes. That is, for killing time and having fun. It was being a mischievous spirit all along. It's as simple as that. It was in the RV's nature to muck about and get a sick pleasure about it. Nothing more and nothing less. Hope my reply helped clarify things for you. I enjoyed it a lot. Gives you a lot to think about regarding the nature of suburban life. It has no easy answers, and everything does not get tied up in into a nice bow at the end. Good thing is, if you are interested in explanations of the movie, there are quite a few on Youtube. Go for it, I say. =) Cheers. View all replies >