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Movie symbolism explained (SPOILERS) Do I need to have... Oh, come on!! That ending pissed me off! One question Spider symbolism Please - please - help me understand this one! SO STOKED TO HEAR... What is the movie saying about toxic masculinity? So confused... (SPOILERS) What happened? View all posts >


Hi olioz, did the drug lord leave an inheritance for Mario even though he was being mistreated and abused by him? Thanks for your time. Cheers. @ Ladronmc Agree with you wholeheartedly. This movie was a write-off. I would ask what the hell was going on, but I'm beyond caring at this point. Hi evilbunnee, Thanks for the reply to my post and thanks for reading through the whole thing. RE: Mary. As I mentioned in my post, my husband gave me a lot of clues as to what was going on in the movie. He was the one who said that if he were running a bar and someone was wandering around it in the buff, he would take action and stop them, for their safety and well-being. Tbh, this was a REALLY strange scene, and I don't know what the director meant by including it in the film. So your interpretation is something to ponder as well. Mary is surely a symbol for something larger, as are the other characters in the film. So much about the movie was surreal... it had logic, but the logic of a dream. Very intriguing and I'd like to see more from this director. Going to watch the Foundflix video right now. =) Thanks for the link. Have yourself a pleasant day. As soon as I heard him call his mom "Amy", I was like, "Okay... This is some fucked up shit right here...." And the fact that he flung the poor pet fish, Dennis, through the air.... Not good. And yea, the ending was kind of chilling. I'd love to see a horror movie on Luce(ifer) sometime, too. lol Tell that to my husband. He doesn't want me watching it... I told him I can handle it, but he says he doesn't like it when I endure/ witness ugliness of any sort. I just don't want to miss out on watching a movie that might be stimulating and thought-provoking. But this movie got trashed by reviewers so I guess it's okay if I skip it? Thanks, cuddlebunny909. @ bohemianroxie SPOILERS There were so many unanswered questions. I knew midway through that there might be a twist at the end where we find out that they are real humans in some way. Turned out I was right. It passed the time, I suppose. Now on to something more cerebral... @ JepGambardella Thanks for the clarification. I was way off in my thinking when I was pondering that a cloning operation had taken place. "Shite" sounds more polite. :-) @ PKS Sounds good. Will keep my eyes peeled for it. =) Have a wonderful day. View all replies >