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Cannot indict a sitting president! Are there seriously box office truthers for this now? Mike Pence is an anagram of "I pick men" View all posts >


Whatever the case is with rotten tomatoes -- REAL word of mouth has spoken, and real people loved it... [url][/url] 2nd highest 2nd weekend ever in March. 2nd week decline in line with other MCU movies. Womp Womp. Even that crazy, unhinged shooter recognises that Trump is an incompetent leader. What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody is denying that Black Panther had a bigger opening. I'm talking about the people that are saying Captain Marvel's $153M opening is a fraud and that Disney have over-inflated the numbers, which is impossible to do without being immediately caught by every single rival studio. Or, that thousands of fake downvotes were removed. 60% means there is still fuckery going on, since the absolute worst MCU movie Iron Man 2 has a 71% - and this is better than Iron Man 2. Conspiracy? How is this not PROOF that trolls voting in droves to affect the score? YOU ARE WRONG. The actual numbers, regardless of who releases them, are tabulated by AN INDEPENDENT COMPANY. Get that through your skull. Disney can't just release whatever numbers they like because every other single studio gets that exact same data and will cry foul. Read below. God, you're thick. [url][/url] (Rentrak go by Comscore now) [quote] On their sources of data: We’ve been in the business of collecting box-office information at the theatre level for over 15 years. We link to the point-of-sale systems at various theatres; in the U.S. and Canada, we connect to over 6,000 theatres. That represents over 95 percent of the North American box office. We have more than 25,000 theatres around the world in 65 countries, so we’ve become the dominant source for global box-office information; studios can see how well their films are performing around the world—not just in some parts of the United States. We collect this information on a real-time basis and we can push it, or our partner clients can pull it for themselves; they can see what we see, when we see it. [b]When a movie opens on a Friday afternoon, the people at the studios are sitting there with their hands on the “refresh” key. We see what’s being used—and we use those learnings to continually improve the capabilities of our system.[/b] [/quote] Jesus Christ. Distributors receive ACTUAL box office data from Rentrak. They receive Thursday night ACTUAL numbers from Rentrak, and then Studios/Distributors make PROJECTIONS, or estimates, for the rest of the weekend. As ACTUAL friday numbers come in, then they can make better predictions, as actual Saturday numbers come in, even better predictions. Yes, so what? Studios have always provided estimates on Sunday, which were then verified by Rentrak on Monday. Grosses either went up or down by 1-3%. Those nefarious, Disney folks -- they hatched a dastardly plan to UNDERESTIMATE their actual gross. Mu ha ha ha! Estimates are provided by studios. Final numbers are provided by Rentrak. In this case, Disney estimated 400k BELOW what it ACTUALLY grossed. [url] [/url] Womp womp. Wrong on everything. Box Office Mojo haven't updated all territories. Disney are not in charge of box office numbers, Rentrak are. An independent company. [url][/url] View all replies >