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It was her, I rmen his, ideas? Was she, he afraid Trump was going spill the beans about his forget it might heal! We all knownur a man by now Really? Coz she is all for it, and you know she sees it as great and said it in congratulatory manner. She said it because she wants the word spread because she wants unlimited abortion rights. She was happy it happened because she is a sick piece of shit. shit yeah shes stupid and stuckup Hes lost his soul. why is he so depressed? Its wonderful. a wonderful moment It was tumultious, then they started gettign very scared This is like nothing we have ever seen before in our lives. To blindside teh campaign by saying they are moving to virtual is not right. This is exactly why real news and honest journalism is so important today. The Bread Basket of Africa It happens to be a real truth. Because our culture is UNBELIEVABLY stupid, this is crazy becasue this is somethign the democratic party fully endorses. UNtil five seconds no one had ever heard of elliot page. We are bringing up a generation of retards Now they are saying Peppa Pig is too violent for children. I love YOU! And theres NOTHING you can do about it! Thats just not somethign thats aceptable. Amber Herd