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Guessing you’ve never seen the Hollywood Knights? It's saying I'm too new to message you, but I am interested in the prequel. I know this is five years old, but just seeing it now for the first time. I was at Duquesne University when this was being filmed, which is directly across the Monongahela river from the River Rescue HQ, and I don't remember it being there. It certainly hasn't been there since the movie was made. I worked in the three-story, long black building that you can see in the background during the River rescue HQ scenes, and my lab windows faced toward the set. I used to stand on that bluff and look across the river all the time, so to this day I have no idea how I didn't see a movie set over there. Around that time, the big hype was about the Silence of the Lambs and JFK being filmed in and around Pittsburgh. Nothing, but, uh, stay out of B-29s, Frank, my boy. I don't use them. I love her. I had my first boy/girl thing. And doesn't have to take this abuse much longer.