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Who's the most doable female in this show? Wtf happened to Nicole Kidman? Lame of Thrones: this is how you ruin the world’s best TV show, Game of Thrones The WORST Ending for Game of Thrones! Episode 3 was a big steaming pile of shit and a huge middle finger to everything that came before it Do you think that's the last of the boobs? What is this filth? Any news on when season 2 will be released? View all posts >


Wasn't a big fan either. It was good, but not much really happened, and it lacked any big moments a series finale should have. It felt more like an episode 9. Yeah Nick had one in FTWD season 3, which I thought would be the beginning of a lot more to come, but nope. ? Yeah same. Even more so surprising that it was uncensored in the AMC airing too. Or at least my copy of it was. Haha I was going to say "the white one" too but I didn't want to come off as racist. But yeah, definitely potential there. Even though we haven't seen too much of her, I forgot to include Lydia. One of the sexiest women from BB/BCS. The show would probably just have to be canceled end on a cliffhanger if that happened. I don't see how else they could do it unless they made a CGI Saul or Mike. Whos that? Dunno, never tried it. Where can I get some? But she didn't look old before this? And now she does... So if that was the intent, then it backfired big time. Yeah it's crazy. And if it's true that no one is interested in the IP any more, then that's good. I was worried the idiots will still hype up whatever prequel or spinoff bs they were planning instead of boycotting it. View all replies >