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Lame of Thrones: this is how you ruin the world’s best TV show, Game of Thrones The WORST Ending for Game of Thrones! Episode 3 was a big steaming pile of shit and a huge middle finger to everything that came before it Do you think that's the last of the boobs? What is this filth? Any news on when season 2 will be released? View all posts >


Awesome. Love those things. Hopefully he meant the movie, not seeing Imogen nude. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see Imogen Poots nude? Although to be fair, I've seen the nude scene, and it wasn't very good. It was really quick and she was on her back in the dark. :( "The only person I was taking at face value was George RR Martin himself in an interview with Anderson Cooper saying that D&D stuck to his ending." Why? What is it about him that you'd think he is incapable of lying? Ok I just did. Who is that and what about her? The photos that show up in google seem pretty inconsistent. In some she looks alright, and in others she looks like a generic fake bimbo. Unless it's bringing up 2 different people. More competition? From whom? Many of the hottest actresses currently are the same ones who were also around in 2009. Instagram? Uh no, I'm not going to take a look at that shit. And who the fuck are the Hadid sisters? Kylie Jenner I have heard of but have no idea who she is or what she looks like so I can't comment. Yeah that does sound rather silly. No, Wtf are YOU talking about, fool? My post was clearly aimed at you. Don't change the subject in an attempt to avoid my response. That's pathetic. You just take whatever someone says as fact and that's it? wtf? It could have gone so many way. It's sad that you don't realize this. GRRM could have given them the real ending and they used it or GRRM could have given them the real ending but they decided to not use it and they didn't let him know, or GRRM could have given them a fake ending, etc So I suppose you took Peter Dinklage saying that there are no better writers in television than Dumb and Dumber and that they ended the show brilliantly as factual, just because he said so? You don't see think that there's a lot of ass kissing in the show business so as to not lose your career? WTF? :o Why wouldn't it be for them to decide? They were the ones who decided to divert from GRRM's vision when they made so many changes to his story in seasons 5 and 6. They were the ones who decided to end the show with only 13 episodes and rush to the ending, despite HBO, their boss (or were they?) wanting more seasons. They were the ones who decided to lazily write season 8 in the most simplistic way possible. They were the ones to want to add in so much fanservice. They're the ones all the actors are afraid of speaking ill of in interviews when they clearly want to. I have no idea what has happened behind the scenes, but clearly Dumb & Dumber have a lot of power over the show. They could do whatever the hell they wanted. Season 8 proves this. So I see no reason why they couldn't change the ending if they wanted to. View all replies >