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how i feel the remaining slate of movies for 2020 will go when does re-opening in U.S. start Disney/Pixars Soul likely to be first #1 of 2020 summer First #1 of summer 2020 when do you see the coronavirus peaking in the U.S. so if its not going to be based off the comics when we gonna see a trailer? bigfoot and ufos if next season actually does feature sasquatch, aliens , and nessie from the trailer it appears View all posts >


bump both iran and India are expecting april peak the U.K. predicts their peak will be Easter and if not Easter then most likely May/June Australia fears their peak wont happen till August most here in the U.S. are leaning towards April/May for the virus to peak JBE of Louisana says April Asa of Arkansas says 6-8 weeks basically - April/May Dewine of Ohio says April/May is best timeline Cuomo predicts 45 days so basically mid-May ex-fda chief scott gottlieb says April/May is when virus likely peaks Morgan Stanley says 15-25 days with 200,000 infected! so again that's April/May timeline This ^ that's because youre ^ stupid which is why it most likely keeps its release imo don't be surprised if lots of theatres start doing this release the movie in theatres and on VOD the same weekend its happening with trolls II, those that cant see it in theatres will also see it on tv I agree, no mushu, don't care doubtful I feel 100% confident in saying it'll keep its release date a quiet place II most likely will release in summer or September Mulan most likely summer as well new mutants VOD good theory I want to see one maybe two more films View all replies >