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What Horror movies will be remade heading into the next decade? Do you ever see AHS or TWD ending? Horror Movies that would make good tv series? i loved this movie whats left on your movie list for this year is the nosferatu remake ever going to get a release date? trailer around halloween? horror films that hit theatres in 1984 the original invisible man wasnt scary id love to see a season set against the backdrop of either the Cold War or Great Depression View all posts >


Cold War ( not likely to happen since we just recently had apocalypse) Great Depression (Very scary time for America folks were unemployed, children were dying in the streets) Gold Rush Trail Of Tears French-Indian War Alamo Revolutionary War (all could somehow invoke the Skinwalker/Wendigo myth) Farmhouse (again Roanoke kind of took place at a farm house , but perhaps they could do something with this) a campfire type season set in the deep south featuring stories about haunted houses, bloody mary, slenderman, sasquatch, mothman, etc) since this season is set to take place at a summer camp it is possible we could see an episode like that since one of the teasers shows the campers sitting around a bonfire roasting marshmellows 9/11 (honestly I hope they don't go here as it would be disrespectful to the victims, but it is a possibility) tnt tried to revive tales from the crypt but never was successful it was supposed to be part of an all new horror block for tnt. id like to also see a Tales From The Darkside revival the CW had a chance to do that 2-3 years back but passed in favor of more vampire diaries there was one girl in my school that was so traumatized by the Red Spot story that she had to excuse herself during each class to check her face in the bathroom mirror! if only this movie would've came out while we were still in school I would've had some fun with her well technically this is the third film A Dogs Purpose (2017) A Dogs Way Home (2019) - while not connected ADWH was the second film in this series since all three movies are based on novels from the same author, A Dogs Journey (2019) but when shall we see our first teaser trailer/full trailer? possibly in December with Jumanji? Im aware of that ^ however H20 was intended to be the last film in the series before Resurrection! it was intended to be the Shape actually being killed off . but when they decided to do another film! the medics vocal cords being crushed by "The Shape" was written into the story the kid stars are in this so im pretty sure we'll see a few flashbacks im also curious if adult henry bowers will appear in the book he is committed to a mental asylum only to escape. but it was hinted he was killed off in the 2017 film a few months back there was an article that mentioned it chapter ii will have a real sad ending *hinting that possibly more than one of the loser club members die! I hope its not bill or bev. but the the turtle will reportedly be in this so guess we'll see how much they show of him even if only in flashbacks. in the novel he only assists the losers club when they are kids . when they are adults it reveals to the losers club that maturin (the turtle) choked to death on a galaxy or two during the ritual of chud yeah but its titled 1984 and is set in the 80s so im assuming it'll be paying homage to 80s horror in general View all replies >