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if next season actually does feature sasquatch, aliens , and nessie from the trailer it appears is guessing the next seasons theme still a thing? where is the trailer movies youre looking forward to rest of this year and next year? trailer around halloween? trailer towards end of september? when will we see a trailer? still no trailer What Horror movies will be remade heading into the next decade? View all posts >


it could also possibly be aliens or nessie im hoping campfire type season featuring stories of haunted houses, nessie, sasquatch, aliens, slenderman, mothman, bloody mary, etc trailer already debuted if we don't get something with doctor sleep or star wars itll most likely be delayed someone on twitter said investors have been told the film is still slated for march! then DAMMIT ^ RELEASE THE DAMN TRAILER ALREADY lots of spring/summer movies are starting to release trailers. but nothing for this yet several studios are expected to release spring/summer movie trailers next month they need to go ahead and release the trailer we are five months away from relese hopefully with doctor sleep or star wars we are five months away from release. no trailer, poster, etc they need to do some marketing now yep hopefully this month with doctor sleep or next month with star wars five months away from release and no trailer = not a good sign hopefully we get a trailer with doctor sleep or star wars View all replies >