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Honestly yes, when I watch something I watch something. If it is that bad I will turn it off but I badly want to like this so I give it my all, I find myself having to multitask with something while I watch so I can half pay attention and keep it on. I find it melodramatic with bad dialogue and inconsistent tone but I try my best. I really hope season 2 is better but so far I give it 5/10. I don't mind the show, entertaining enough to kill time, but is it necessary? No. Just for clarification because I think you might've misunderstood me. That is what I meant. Also just to further clarify my point (this bit isn't necessarily in response to you however but I guess you could clarify for me), does he also not receive training pre-ROTJ? Further increasing the gap in training and abilities between Luke and Rey? Well after my mate made some comments and I realised I had no clue about any of this and did some online research I found some interesting tidbits. Apparently originally Mandalorians were supposed to be a sort of Spec Ops group of stormtroopers, Mandalore supposedly the system where their training base is located specifically for their units, Mandalorian being a title similar to Ranger for example. This eventually wen through some changes and revisions and eventually was dropped completely before being elaborated upon in the EU. So it wasn't until the EU that Mandalorians really became what they are today in universe which is a race of people with a warrior centric culture which inherently makes them proficient soldiers. Or something along those lines anyway. Been a few weeks now. So we see Luke do some on screen force training with Kenobi, we are unsure if he received more training off-screen between scenes in the film. A point of dialogue is put in the film to show Luke is starting to learn the force. In the film we see him able to move two objects in the form of the bombs into the Death Star port, he didn't blow up the Death Star with the force he moved two objects with the force. We then see hime receive much more extensive training in ESB which we know continues off-screen. Rey we are aware is able to fight without a strict disciplined style with staff weapons, however this seems to magically correlate to being able to fight with a bladed weapon against a trained opponent (as you said yes she might have basic undisciplined combat skills, Ren has much more than that, wounded or not that fight was much too easy for her). There is also indication that she somehow used the force to win that fight. We also see Rey, who having literally just heard about the force and having no idea what it is, use Jedi mind tricks on storm troopers, move objects and other such abilities, in the OT for specific example we see using the force is difficult and requires disciplined training. I think this is a big problem for her character as we don't see her struggle, we see her succeed immediately and at everything. How can an audience identify with that? There's no struggle or tension with her character (or really any of the good characters in the films). So you still haven't really answered my question, you also seem to have not really paid attention to the films as we see Rey without training and having just heard about the force use multiple force abilities with a comedic ease, we see Luke with minor training move two objects into a hole with greta concentration. Pretend I'm an idiot and please explain to me how the Mary Sue thing was debunked? Explain to me with references how and when Rey received more extensive and rigorous training than Luke? How Rey's first use of the force is more believable than Luke's? And how her backstory is more effective and providing motivation that the audience is supposed to understand? You should check out the film Russian Ark. It's an experimental historical drama, about 90 minutes, all one shot. I think they did it on the third take. Very impressive. Edit: the way 1917 is filmed makes me think of the X files episode Triangle, set in real time it was done using four eleven minute single takes. I think, I may be wrong, they originally wanted one single take but because of the recording format that wasn't possible so they decided on the multiple long shots. My best advice is watch and or read reviews on the directors other film The Lost City of Z. While they are, in terms of genre, very different films. In terms of style, atmosphere, writing, etc. they are very similar. Chances are if you don't like Z (or the look of it), probably give Ad Astra a pass. Personally I didn't Z, I did find it a bit slow and tedious but end of the day worth at least one watch. Ad Astra I preferred, thought it had a bit more going on to keep me interested. Now this isn't hard sci-fi either so don't think about if the science works or not, I think if you can stomach Star Trek The Motion Picture this film probably would be worth a crack. I agree stupid line but to be honest I don't like the beach and this is exactly why. Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi The Last Jedi Rogue One The Force Awakens/Solo The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones As a side note: I think, based on your rankings, you might enjoy Solo. It's a decent enough film and a good Star Wars film; I didn't think it was amazing but I still enjoyed it for the most part. View all replies >