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Due to it being a remake of Return of the Jedi, you know where Lando flew the Falcon like the previous 2 were remakes of the original trilogy movies. Also how is it Rey Ship, oh yeh that's because Disney turned Chewie into a pet to be passed around. Forest planet. Speeders. Falcon flying through machinary with Lando Piloting. Huge fleet being attacked. Sith fighting a Jedi. What does that remind you of, thats right Return of the Jedi. Why do i have this uneasy feeling that we are getting a Scooby Doo type movie. I hope I wrong, after the abomination of 2016 i so want this to be good. The saga comes to end. That line is truely laughable. The saga ended with Return of the Jedi. Emperor defeated. Empire defeated. Anakin absolved. A true ending. Those TV spots are exactly what i expect from Jar Jar Abrams. Lens flares, pretty pictures, lots of shouting, nothing you haven't seen before. The Rise of Skywalker will be all pretty with absolutely no redeeming story qualities. Palapatine returning invaidates everything, literally everything. The saga doesn't end, it already has ended, this is a forgettable trilogy that makes no sense, doesn't go anywhere and Jar Jar will leave everyone with more questions than answers like all his mystery box movies. The man is a hack who doesn't have an original thought in his head. But you enjoy your 2nd rate Star Wars while the fans keep enjoying the true trilogy. What a despressing thought for modern cinema that this turd will actualy make a billion. Quote me where i said that. Go on, quote me. Yeh we are clones, you have got me, how clever of you. God you are simple. And you have been spewng your racist comments about white people back at him. You are a vile individual. Added to ignore, you are not worth the time. I also love the way you didn't even repy to my post because you can't. I didn't speak of politics, feminism or aything of the sort. I said the characters are shit and boring, end of story. But you keep stewing in your racist rhetoric, see how far it gets you. mrbnk is racist. That is all that needs writing. Keep pushing your racist rhetoric, no one is buying it. Rey is a shit, boring character Finn is a shit, boring character Poe is a shit, boring character Kylo Ren is a shit, boring character. So am i being racist, sexist to both men, woman, white and black, that will be a stretch even for you. Plus you have no idea what race or gender i ambut go for it, twist it to match your completely one sided opinion. You are the one making it about race and gender when everyone else just states the characters are basicaly shit, boring, poorly written but in your eyes that means they must be racist and sexist. You are a very disturbed individual. Not even close to what he said, that is because you didn't read it. You are prepared with your standard, you hate woman reply. If you are not Filmbuff then you are his clone. An example. Rey is a poorly written shallow character, has no flaws, has not suffered defeat, can do everything better than original counterparts. Thats what fans say. What you and Filmbuff see = IThey must hate woman, no matter what is written, what is explained, what arguments people put, whih is complete nonsense. Fantasy, scifi movies of past prove this is nonsense but you don't wanna read that, you just wana keep pushing the same narrative. All you see is "Rey is a Mary Sue, that must mean they are sexist and hate woman". Which you know because both of you might as well be trolls is completely untrue and unfounded. See my reply above. Somehow now because i believe some of the rumours and leaks might be true that now means i'm not a true fan. These peope are truely wierd. View all replies >