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Man to woman can have breast implants, adams apple removed, take all the estrogen they want but it will not give you a Uterus, Ovaries, a working Vagina, working milk ducts. It won't remove you larger skeletal frame, larger heart, larger lungs. Will still have to eventually get a prostate exam, may still get prostate cancer. So yes i repeat, "You can change your outwardly appearance as much as you want but you cannot change your biology." I can dress as a bird. Have my hands altered to look like talons, where feathers but i will never fly or lay eggs. You cannot keep moving the goalposts to fit your argument. You have stated that it is there brians that are different (Mental Dsorder) and that is societal norms. So which is it. So it is in there head then as proven by your link. The issue is that there should be many forms of treatment or what ever you wanna call it before surgery is even considered. Surgery now is basically being put as the first port of call and if you say otherwise as shown on twitter or even this thread you are called a transphobe. Which is a wrong discription, Phobe means an irrational fear, no one has an irrational fear over a trans person, they just hold different opinions but of course in 2020 that is not allowed, you either follow the current narrative or agenda or you get cancelled and have your life ruined even in some cases without any shred of proof. You can change your outwardly appearance as much as you want but you cannot change your biology. A man can take as many hormones and estrogen and have there penis cut off but that will never change there larger skeletal structure, larger heart, increased lung capacity, wider stride, more fast twitch muscles, larger body mass (due to enlarged skeleton), greater agrression. Will not suddenly grow overies, a uterus, milk ducts and so on. I stand by the phrase "You do you and let me do me". Basically do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else but if Transwoman are woman then why use the term "Trans". JK Rowling stating her opinion based on 50000 years of human evoloution does not make her a transphobe. Final point. If gender and sex are social constructs as we keep geting told and that there is no biological difference between men and woman then when did society create these constructs? Don't think caveman where bothered about gender, there were men and woman to do basically 1 job which was to procreate, that is it. Yes over time intersex and other random mutations have happened but that is not the norm, they are the exceptions to the rule. As said over and over and over and will continue to be said. 99.99999999999% of human existance throughout all time were men and woman, male and female, that unfortunately is the called hard truth. Discriminating against someone based on the colour of their skin = racism Woman not entered into the draft. "Even the Army's own research shows that less than 5% of the 7,000 women serving in British Army would pass the current tests to join the infantry." Many woman serve in the armed forces, great, well done. But don't think they are front line infantry. Very few woman are even capable of passing the physical tests to be infantry. Hence the term front line support. Since the lift of the ban only 1 woman has passed the royal marines entry test in 10 years here in England and she won't serve, it was just to prove she could do it. Fighting for the species, woman and children would be the most protected people. You are thinking modern identity politics not what it would take to keep the species going. The fact it is in the future and machines doesn't change the fact of how war is done. You are only as effective as your slowest, weakest member. My Brother has served for 30 years. Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and he can count on one hand how many woman he has seen in combat roles and again they were support roles. So again i'm not sexist no matter how much you scream with your caps. I just say as it is. Kylo Ren Quote - Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. Its happening in Star Trek , Star Wars, Dr Who and will happen to other popular franchises that involve white males. Always remember. Male to Female is progressive and good. Female to Male is sexist. What makes it funny is that the men she is complaining about are at the very top, literally the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. She is worth more than 99% of all men that have ever lived. Must be terribe for her being worth over $360 million, i wish i was so oppressed. Insults i see. Woman didn't fight in World War 1, no woman were on the front lines in World War 2. That is a fact that cannot be changed. Wars are fought by men plain and simple. You could probably count on one hand how many woman have seen combat in the last 100 years. No arguments, just insults. End of discussion because you have nothing to bring. "THAT IS DISTINCTLY SEXIST" No it isn't. Woman didn't fight in World War 1, no woman were on the front lines in World War 2. No Woman fought in the Boar War. So again, no it isn't. Be woke on your own time and stop trying to change history to fit your narrative. If World War 3 broke out tomorrow even in todays world it would be 100% men fighting on the front lines. Military woman would be in support roles. Woman are not even entered into the draft. So for the 3rd time no it isn't sexist. As above male or female makes no difference as this film was just trash anyway. You can tell this is written and made for the woke crowd who didn't go and see it anyway, Hollywood will eventually learn one day but until then this is unfortunatey the type of film we will be getting from now on. The issue I have is it is not even remotely believable. Fighting for the species no woman woud be in charge let alone fighting. That isn't sexist that is biology. Men would fight while the woman would be protected to raise the future of the human race to continue the fight. Again that isn't sexist that is just how it is, look at previous wars, don't see many woman do you. Wel if you throw enough shit at the wall, eventually something will stick. View all replies >