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Might not be a bad idea. She should be punished for this. Perhaps a good spanking should suffice. Why do you care about the president’s character? Who cares what other countries sound like a whiny housewife. Spielberg only has 1 good movie....Jurassic Park. Scorsese has zero good movies. Ellen Page needs to apologize for blaming the incident on Mike Pence. The LGBT Community should be ashamed of themselves for how they conducted themselves over the first few days of this story breaking, what morally corrupt scumbags they are. Look dude, I didn’t have to watch “cannibal holocaust” to know that the torture and killing of real animals is dispicable. I know enough about BB Mountain, umkay!!! It aged better than your Jussie Smollet thread. 😂 Wrong, Trump got black people jobs, record amounts, his greatest achievement so far. He also exposed the fake news media on a scale we’ve never seen before, Americans distrust the media now more than ever, a huge win for Conservatives for sure. It was an Oscar Bait movie that drove Heath Ledger to suicide and it broke up Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. I have no solid proof of this but I’m satisfied with my conclusion. No, neither of those choices do anything to help the best candidate available get into office. You mine as well rub peanut butter on your chest and ride the short bus. Ahhh your one of those dum dums who thinks voting for someone who has no chance is noble. You’re boring me now. You copied and pasted fake news and never apologized for sick puppy. I had no choice but to vote for communist Obama a 2nd time because his opposition would have ruined the country way worse. Were there any gay characters in that locker room? Let me know when you have a point you’d like to make. Aren’t you the same guy who claimed that Jussie Smollet was attacked by white supremacists? Like we should believe a single word you vomit out of your mouth lolz. If I’m a sock account then what are my other accounts? Wouldn’t they be running to my rescue right now? Kind of like how you, Froggy, and Ultra follow around Doggie and defend his honor every waking second of the day. Think about it champ. I never said human beings always lie every minute of the day, I just made the obvious observation that everyone lies here and there throughout their life. Try using your brain once in a while, would ya? Liberals are fleeing the Democratic Party as we speak now that progressive nut jobs are crawling out of the sewers. Trump has 2020 in the bag thanks to dangerous far left wing extremists. Do you disagree that “all humans lie”? I know you think that progressives never lie and conservatives always lie. The reason I pointed out that progressives lie is because most of them honestly believe that they never lie. The irony of this post being that a young black gay actor and an elder Native American were given a free pass for destroying people’s lives...but blondes like Tomi Lahren get milkshakes thrown at them for nothing more than being a conservative. Yup those Blondes get away with murder.