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Age hasn’t been kind to her How did Trump end up with a hotter wife than Obama? Something is fishy about the box office numbers If you could erase 3 movies from existence, what would they be? She is definitely a female As a Liberal I must admit that Trump has been great View all posts >


Might not be a bad idea. She should be punished for this. Perhaps a good spanking should suffice. Why do you care about the president’s character? Who cares what other countries sound like a whiny housewife. Spielberg only has 1 good movie....Jurassic Park. Scorsese has zero good movies. Ellen Page needs to apologize for blaming the incident on Mike Pence. The LGBT Community should be ashamed of themselves for how they conducted themselves over the first few days of this story breaking, what morally corrupt scumbags they are. Look dude, I didn’t have to watch “cannibal holocaust” to know that the torture and killing of real animals is dispicable. I know enough about BB Mountain, umkay!!! It aged better than your Jussie Smollet thread. 😂 Wrong, Trump got black people jobs, record amounts, his greatest achievement so far. He also exposed the fake news media on a scale we’ve never seen before, Americans distrust the media now more than ever, a huge win for Conservatives for sure. It was an Oscar Bait movie that drove Heath Ledger to suicide and it broke up Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. I have no solid proof of this but I’m satisfied with my conclusion. View all replies >