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Both are back in business :-) I had a lego robot as a child. Hope you got some by now. May. I like the sound of that :-) We're waiting for your arrival :-D I don't think even we like that fish, it just happens to be a tradition to eat at midsummer for some reason and no one questions it. You could always try smörgåstårta if you want something extremely swedish, it is really meant for many people to share since it's basically a form of cake but can be ordered in smaller portions as well on many bakeries. We also have what we call lösgodis in pretty much all grocery stores which is various candy you can choose from. You might also like to try a semla which is a sort of bun with cream and almond paste inside and sugar on top. Sometimes it can also have vanilla. Count on it :-) lol, we are crazy about that here, they always play the most popular ones during the summer XD Nah, don't worry, but you might hear a lot of Avicii and songs from Eurovision though. View all replies >