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hahaha just a friend, none of our other friends wanted to see it, but we both work at a residential facility with kids with special needs and extreme behaviors and there were some qualities in Forky that reminded both of us about the population we work with. and Heaven, Hell, and whats in between. The very end, does Colin Farrell survive the gun shot wounds or not? That's why I watched it, because it's known for it's ambiguous ending. I too enjoyed James and was pretty sad when he left. Every now and again you get one on there you just like. Like Alex, how he answered all the questions like he did not know and was guessing.....and got them right almost every time. Such a good show The girl in it is Jonah Hill's sister I also thought he threw the game In the book she had abusive father issues, that was not explained in the series, may it will be brought up in season 2 Why could the brother control his shadow, BUT NO ONE ELSE COULD. If he could control it why wasn't the tethered Adelaide being controlled by the real girl after the switch. The biggest thing that bothered me is that they all, except for the kick ass daughter, had no chance of survival. They all made the dumbest choices. The father.........I was rooting for his death. Dumb. Dumb. Bad movie. Bad story telling. Bad. Good acting from the kids and Lupita. No, I'll say suicide attempt instead of just suicide There was no heroine, they were all just terrible. Sarah was cruel, Abigail was sneaky, manipulative, and sociopathic, and the Queen was ignorant, so knowing there is no good in them, which was the worst? View all replies >