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I never said she was Mary Jane idiot So a woman only looks like a woman if she has a huge rack and a huge butt?? WOW.... Okay.... **eyeroll** Still doesn't change the fact that Kirsten is plain and Zendaya is a goddess... I mean, did anyone SEE her at the Emmy's last week?? Whew.... you can't tell me she is not gorgeous. Sorry, not gonna convince me that Zendaya is ugly. Idk why Marvel didn't allow her to look her "usual" self. That red hair really suits Zendaya. They could have given her red hair in the SM francchise, but they wanted to do something different for a change and make MJ smart, nerdy, awkward and not always the popular girl that all the guys want. It's refreshing actually. I agree. While I loved the chemistry btwn Tom/Peter and Jake/Mysterio in this film (Jake was REALLY good honestly), BUT.... I agree... I much more enjoyed Homecoming. Don't get me wrong, FFH was really good an enjoyable (loved that I couldn't figure out everything from jump), but it was just missing something. To be honest, I think you're right about Homecoming vs. FFH. I think in Homecoming we got to see more of Peter's personality a bit more. We got to see the characters a LITTLE more fleshed out a bit. But see...that's been my slight gripe with the MCU version of the Spider-Man films in the first place. I feel like the MCU version of Spider-Man focuses a little too much time and energy on the "Avengers", Tony, and other MCU characters, instead of focusing on PETER and his story, his motivations, his feelings, his challenges....etc. We also know very LITTLE (next to nil actually) about Peter's friends and surrounding back characters. Is it just me who is a little annoyed at this? We barely even know a thing about Aunt May. No mention of uncle Ben... No mention of even whether or not Aunt May ever grieved his death lol... I mean... Seriously... I just feel like the MCU version of Spider-Man films lack a lot of DEPTH to them. I actually prefer the OG Tobey/Raimi SM films because they had heart and depth. You really FELT for Peter. He was struggling. This MCU version of Peter (while I LOVE Tom Holland in the role) is basically a trust-fund kid and hasn't really had to "struggle" much if at all! Not only that, but the writing can be a bit TOO "kiddy-ish" (imo). I mean, I'm glad they made Peter a real HS student lol, but did they have to dumb down the movie with a little TOO many silly jokes here and there? In Homecoming the jokes felt real and were actually pretty funny. IN FFH however, the jokes fell FLAT imo. I mean, how many bad teacher jokes can you have? Kirsten Dunst 1000 Times more attractive than Zendaya?? HA! No she is NOT. I like both actresses but Zendaya is stunning and naturally pretty. Kirsten is....not. Even w/out makeup Zendaya is cute. Kirsten again.... is NOT. They actually had to "ugly up" Zendaya's character to make her look plain Jane in the Spider-Man films, because with makeup she is nothing short of GORGEOUS. Again... Nothing against either actress, but let's please not go spreading lies lol. Throughout the whole entire films I kept wondering why nobody ever thought to just chop off BOTH of Thanos' arms! No arms, no snap. *Simple* In fact, if they had chopped off his arms FIRST, and THEN killed him, that would have def saved them a lot of time. There were so many times when he was held captive. I'm just shocked nobody thought to distract him on one end, and then have someone take an ax and cut off his arms. It's VERY hard to fight when you don't have one arm...let alone two. JMHO Yea I'm glad she was used sparingly in Endgame as well. Am I the only though who feels that they should have just SURPRISED us and had her shown in Endgame from out of nowhere, and THEN have had her solo film come out in the summer? After seeing her in Endgame and what little part she played in it, I'm still trying to figure out why they didn't just release her solo movie AFTER Endgame? In fact, her origin story takes place mainly in the early/mid-90's so it's not even like her story would have overlapped with the other prior Marvel films. Black Panther and Spider-Man were all introduced in previous films BEFORE they got their own solo movies. And honestly, I think it works better that way. That way the audience is curious about the "origin" of this new character that just pops up onto the screen. Idk why they didn't do that with Captain Marvel honestly. I think ppl would have been even MORE excited to see her origin story movie, AND I think it would have successfully closed out the IronMan phase, and introduced the new phase with her film. Idk...maybe I'm overthinking it a bit, but I just feel like Marvel dropped the ball w/this one. Or you know...maybe some people actually really LOVED it and DON'T find it mediocre?? Geee....that's a novel thought now isn't it? I agree... I think her character should have been introduced WAY before Endgame. But then I think to myself, if her character had been introduced way before Endgame, would Infinity War had felt so "dire" and "hopeless"?? Hmmm..... I actually agree with everything you said!! Hands down! EXCEPT the part about Maria Rambeau. I actually thought that her reaction was understated, yes.... BUT, I thought it was pretty spot on.... Idk about you, but I got the distinct impression that Maria and Carol were a little MORE than just friends (if you catch my drift). Call me crazy, but I just got that "vibe". Especially her reaction to seeing Carol again. Maria's reaction was more so the reaction of a jilted lover who had been left unexpectedly...not just two friends who haven't seen each other in a while. Idk...maybe it was just me. Overall though, I thought the actress who played Maria was pretty good. She had more acting chops than Brie, that's for sure. I wasn't expecting much from Captain Marvel, but I at least wanted to really LIKE this film (seeing as how it's Marvel's first female-led superhero film and all), but it just fell flat to me. :( IDk if it was Brie's wooden acting, the rushed feeling of the entire movie, or WHAT.... But when the movie ended I just felt let down. :-/ I honestly feel this is one of the MCU's weakest films tbh. WW was a MUCH better done film imo. I actually agree with you. I think the Beast was shown a bit TOO often in this imo. I think there were some scenes where he should have been in of course, but I think I would have preferred to have seen some of the other characters a bit more, and for longer. I think Shyamalan should have stuck to about 9 or 10 personalities just like in Split. Trying to do 20 in one film is only going to give some personalities very VERY little screen-time. :( I agree... I just saw this movie recently and thought it was really good. I liked too that it was a feel-good movie because I was just bracing myself for the old guy dying or something bad happening to him lol. But I liked how the movie ended on a GOOD note. :) The chemistry btwn Hart and Cranston was good indeed. It was believable in that they didn't just start off being the best of friends. It took time and understanding. I really enjoyed it.