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Forgot this was WW.. I hate when Hollywood does this.. Any Hints? All girls This movie was beyond awful The pathetic scumbag on tape Why do people cheer when a movie bomb? Why do people cheer when a movie bombs? Rihanna needs a better profile pick.. They never wanted to do a show about superheroes... View all posts >


What exactly makes this movie SJW? Because folks seem to just throw that term around a lot... Not to bad at all.. If you like sci fii action flicks you should definitely check this one out...its very good. The only Black guy in this movie was a homeless bum sleeping on a park bench.. He was hardly a positive role model... The two girls were Pickaninny's.. Racist depictions of Black children.. Racist Cartoons Colors Hotel Rwanda Traitor Nothing is woke about this show.. It doesn't shy away from the racial climate of the 50's and to some people that in and of it self equals "WOKENESS".. And they are offended by the very mention of it. Oh please.. He didn't have to kill all of those people in order to spew that bull.. What he said was no different than you would find on some YouTube videos or twitter and such. Kamala Harris is not for reparations or anything else that would help Black America.. What in Gods name are you talking about? If Biden wants to redirect funds to the police department how in the world is that defunding the police? View all replies >