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I watched this for free on Crackle Richard Kelly - Great effort but where did he go? Is this all he has in him? Watched this for free on Youtube. The Neverland Ranch name change Was this shot in color and converted to black and white? Has he lost his mind? View all posts >


I don't understand why the change in music would offend a viewer. Its the same kind of crappy 80s mood music either way. I am not judging the music choice because I don't think it matters. I like EATB but does it matter? No. The movie is what it is either way. I was only saying that this guy had potential to be like Orson Welles who was a monumental talent. I was just comparing the two directors because their first attempt was pretty strong. TheKeel, That makes a lot of sense now that you explained why Cuaron chose to do it that way. I liked the fact that the B&W photography was not super contrasty and it did not look like he used filters. I need to watch it again. I like his work a lot. What photo are you talking about? No. That is not an issue. View all replies >