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Far-Right Infiltrators and Agitators in George Floyd Protests: Indicators of White Supremacists Season 4 really cranked up the gore. Had me rooting for new villain Ivar the Boneless grandson over stupid Saxons Fantastic job playing a woman 20 years older than her real age in Last Kingdom. So after watching S3E5 ... is Caleb a host or no? Summation of Zelensky Transcript (yes it's bad and yes it's impeachable) NY Times: Trump Campaign Conspired With the Russians. Mueller Proved It. Mueller Report, even redacted, is damning of Trump and cover-up man Bill Barr. No one can cry "no collusion" anymore. View all posts >


Why are you not treating it as a badge of pride? It really is. "but a cop doesn't know whether a suspect is unarmed until after the fact" You're out of your mind. Their job is to ensure they are unarmed after immobilizing them. If they're still armed after that, it's gross incompetence on the part of the trooper. "An unarmed handcuffed suspect restrained with a knee in the neck might not be a danger, but what if you let go?" With their other knee in the middle of their back, their arms locked around their handcuffed arms, and 3 other officers backing him up? I'm sure the officer would be just fine. Far less risk to the officer than keeping the knee firmly affixed to the suspect's neck. But you don't care about that do you? Because in your bigoted worldview the suspect is a "criminal" for all you're concerned. You just can't admit that you know I'm right. An unarmed handcuffed suspect face down on the ground is not a danger to four officers. That's why you had to cite articles where the suspects were able to pull a gun on the officers. Oh stop. Those situations aren't even remotely the same because the suspect hadn't been padded down and disarmed yet. George Floyd was never armed in the first place and had already been padded down. An unarmed handcuffed suspect face down on the ground is not a danger to four officers. Get a grip lady. View all replies >