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Well... Too many beautiful shots. I loved it. The writers think "Mad Queen"... View all posts >


You're gonna say that George Washington should have gone to jail? George Washington challenged armed legal authority. I'm not watching that crap. George Washington did it. Never seen it. okay well her opinion then is that he is the hottest guy on earth, so... almost all feature accelerated growth, including judge dredd it was only going to take a short time to grow the new "evil" adults even in SW they had adult clonetroopers only 10 years after the order was placed cool, although most cloning movies do kind of skip over the whole accelerated growth thing sorry but you are wrong, T-Rex didnt even live for 30 years, the oldest one ever found was only 28, and they grew to full size by 18 sorry but you are wrong, i could not care less about him, my gal on the other hand... View all replies >