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Great film. Had to wikipedia a few times. How could Rosebud have been such a myth for so many years? The British guy "it’s about bloody time" This is a great film. And it is most certainly not a comedy. Pacey left her. Great film. Everything seemed realistic and legit until: *spoilers No more Mad Max’s/Furiosa’s please. Sand Sand Sand. What a great, happy ending from Hollywood at last. Still the best Star Wars film since A New Hope. Evidence within... View all posts >


Will you be here to answer questions/ridicule on Jan 21st when he isn’t impeached? Claire is amazing, glad she is not freaking out and taking it like a champ. You mean Republicans. Yeah the critics say it’s the best one for years, and they are right. Once was enough for me, great movie but i was waiting for rescue from it too. Joe Biden, president of the United States of America. Not Donald Trump, leader of rioters who murdered 5 people on Capitol Hill. More like i haven’t made them up as per yourself. 4.3 from what? Angry nerds? View all replies >