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What do you want? A bear's gotta make a living... after the cancellation of "Bear in the Big Blue House" and a difficult decade of addiction and public scandals, Bear had to get back to work somehow. I gotta say it's the shot of Nikki being made to witness his brother Dominic's brutal beating ("leave him alone, he's still breathing...") that gets me everytime. Pesci is a vastly underrated actor when it comes to the range he's capable of (given his very peculiar physique) and the way he plays that scene makes it ever so easy for anyone with siblings to identify with his infinite sadness and grief. It's also the only time he emotes some form of genuine compassion for anyone in the whole film. So, yeah, a great director a the top of his game and a great actor make it easy to empathize with an otherwise truly vile character. Good point. How do you rate Casino among all of Scorsese's films you've seen ? It's about pride coming before the fall (a very catholic theme dear to Scorsese and found in many of his films). It's also (obliquely) about the golden era of the New Hollywood that Scorsese came into as a young director in the 70's, where a new generation of young talented turks managed to get their visions produced and put on the screen and that gave us of some of the most enduring masterpieces of cinema, before the ego projects of some of the most visionary directors of the time (Cimino's 'Gates of Heaven', Friedkin's 'Sorcerer'...) contributed to crash the whole thing down and big studios got their hands on everything, leading into the era of block busters, mass produced escapism and movie franchises. "In the end we f*** it all up. It should have been so sweet too. But it's the last time street guys like us were ever given anything that valuable again." "This town will never be the same. The big corporations took it all over. Today it looks like Disneyland..." "But I could still make money for a lot of people back home. And why mess up a good thing..." There's even a shot of the MGM casino and the infamous lion from their studio's logo. Sam's a control freak (the blueberry muffin incident...) and loses everything because of that. He can't help firing the police commissioner's son in law, can't help going on TV, can't help proving that he's right and his way is the only way... He sees Ginger as a challenge : she's wild and uncontrollable (except by Lester, which really fucks up Sam precisely because that's the kind of control he'd like to have over her and can't ever manage to achieve). He's fooling himself: his relationship to Ginger has nothing to do with love and everything to do with pride and control. The old lady also appears in Poland, in Kieślowski's 'The Double Life of Veronique' (also starring Irène Jacob, from 'Red')! "Coincidence? I think not!" I understood the "innies" had the emotional intelligence and maturity of children (a bit like Tyrell explains of the Replicants in Blade Runner: they only have a few years life to learn the emotions that you and I take for granted), which would explain why they marvel at lame sandwich parties and seem to enjoy the lame rewards they receive. This would probably also explain why they seem to be very conforming and obeying in the presence of an authority figure, like when they are told to repeat a sentence ad nauseam in the break room as punishment. Well at least i'm getting paid for my time as a shill on this forum. What's your excuse for not doing anything more productive with your life? Also : not the dude with "gay" in his name, so I probably don't know as much as you do on the subject of who gay couples tolerate as roommates. Petra Von Kant? Prince of The City Running on Empty The Verdict Yeah, thanks for the recommendation. This show is quite extraordinary. Once Upon A Time in America Runner Up: Once Upon A Time in The West Casino 5. “All you have to do to outsmart (Pinhead) is just say “I don’t want a wish” haha…” > Pinhead is outsmarted in the first two original movies as well (tricked into taking Larry Cotton instead of his brother Frank in the first film, tricked into remembering his own human past and turning against hell by being shown a photograph in the second). In Hellraiser 2022, the Hell Priest isn’t ‘tricked’: Riley not accepting any gift in fact ‘chooses’ the Lament configuration by default, which is a brief life of regret and moral anguish. 7. “An Asian woman with a British accent shoehorns herself into the movie without any explanation as to why she is there. Is she a friend of the gay couple? A ghost from a well? Diversity placement? Your guess is as good as mine.” > Actually, we don’t have to guess because Nora explains in her very first scene that she’s the roommate, so again: OP should rewatch without their phone or genitals in their hands. Also, OP would probably feel insulted (and rightly so) if I went as far as explaining to them the US is a country with a pretty heterogeneous population with plenty of Asians (with plenty of different accents), as well as many visiting foreigners, so I won’t. 8. “Gone is the fantastic lighting when the centobites show up”. >The following screen captures say otherwise I think: https://ibb.co/gtFGNJZ 9. “Once again we’re treated to the cliche lead character being a recovering drug addict (really Hollywood? Again?) and she of coarse becomes an internet sleuth and detective like we’ve seen thousands of times over and over again”. > So wait, does the OP want to be served the same old warmed-up dish over and over again (see their complaint #4 and 8) or do they want something new and original they haven’t already seen before? They should make up their mind. 10. “…..did I miss something?” >In fact the OP did (see most of the above). Well, since you asked: 1. “Gone is the menacing Pinhead with a terrifying sinister voice which is replaced by a 90 pound twig female" > Pinhead in the original movie is not a threat because of his hand-to-hand combat abilities or physical strength is he? Doug Bradley isn’t exactly a physically threatening or very impressive specimen himself, is he? https://d2j6dbq0eux0bg.cloudfront.net/images/13343258/863719684.jpg https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/oel8xk/doug_bradley_who_played_pinhead_in_the_movie/ So what’s wrong with having a 90 pound (trans) woman play him then? Especially when the character in the original novel is described as having been modified beyond any possible gender recognition. 2. OP picked the wrong film genre to complain about not getting an erection. Plenty of films on the internet from “filmmakers that want men to get erections” (which there’s nothing wrong with, mind you, provided no human being is being exploited.). 3. “Two gay characters spoon in bed together with their shirts off. (…) Who is the target audience here?” > How dare they inject any amount of gay subtext in this story? It’s not like the author of the original novel and film is gay, right? However, OP should watch again, without his phone -or whatever he was holding in his hand while watching- this time: there is no such scene in the entire film. There are however two scenes of a man and a woman having sex. 4. Yes, why not just give us the exact same thing we’ve been served for 10 consecutive films? We’re uncomfortable with what’s not familiar, and feel unsafe outside of our comfort zone. Yes, it's not like the author of the book this is all based on was gay after all. Another one: visual reference to the orgy sequence at Somerton in Stanley Kubrick's 1999 'Eyes Wide Shut' https://ibb.co/93fZMqp It was far from terrible. Lots of good visual ideas (the hospital scene, the van scene...), fantastic costumes and make up, no jump scares... Which in itself is a small miracle considering how deep down the hole the whole "franchise" (such an ugly word when discussing films or any art form) was. By making it NOT the original and daring to take a (so-called) franchise with more than 10 films under its belt in a (somewhat) new direction. How dare they. Don't they know by now we'd rather stay inside our comfort zone and feel insecure whenever presented with something not already familiar? Nora is Asian. The Weeper is a Black woman.