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Worked out at the cinema today, while they were playing this film on the big screen, the sound was loud and it was a bit dark, but I had an awesome workout. I didn't even need the film playing in the background. They buy the future, Mr. Gits! The future! That sounds like a really good plan, Sir (or Madam). From someone with a firm grasp on human morphology. I wonder ; could you have come to earth on the same spaceship I did...? You mean flying under the 190 million hits a month radar (as of April 2019), when the New York Times peaks at 130 million readers monthly and CNN at 1.5 million a day? Playing both sides, are we? Nice. ...and a great, slimy Abbot in 'The Name of the Rose'... Why? Wasn't your reply to the OP a post about your broadcasting your own narcissism and insecurities to people on this board? It had nothing to do with 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' either. So you DO have an idea then. If you had to guess, what would you say your replying to a 3 years old message in the uninformed, condescending and unproductive manner you did tells the world about yourself? In fact Pitt's character in this film is so cool he doesn't even need a character arc: he's already solved all inner conflicts, knows exactly his place in the world and what he's capable of. That's the true, peaceful, contemplative "alpha" with nothing to prove. View all replies >