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She doesn't, because Bateman is speaking to himself: we can see him staring at himself in the mirror behind the barmaid. And he insults her -in his mind (don't forget he's a coward...)- because he feels threathened: she spoke to him as if she sized-him up instantly, and could see him for the sorry excuse for a human being he is, past the designer clothes, perfect features and expensive haircut. Check out Richard Fleischer's 1975 film 'Mandingo' then. Incredible Film. James Mason, Susan Georges, Perry King... it's a (much) trashier version of Gone With The Wind. >They do seem quite bland and nondescript. That they do... >I'll reserve judgement until watching the whole film Always the wise thing to do my friend. I shall do the same. I'm worried about the seemingly uninteresting teenagers in the trailer played by what seem to be rather dull actors. Clare Higgins or Andy Robinson they are definitely not. Although to be fair Ashley Laurence wasn't that great either. Ah OK. Thanks for the clarification! I've been staring at the ground and been very careful not to look at clouds on my way to work since I read his message... My neck hurts. >Hopefully this will be the future. What!? People being sucked up in the air by flesh-eating sphincters disguised as clouds?? They Might be Giants (Anthony Harvey, 1971) And of course David Soul (Hutch) was in Tobe Hooper's 'Salem's Lot', fighting vampire.... Check out a German dude named Daniel Schmidt. The guy has legit anterograde amnesia. There's a fascinating one hour documentary about his life and condition produced by the French-German TV channel 'Arte', if you can catch it. Well worth it. Also, fight on top of a cathedral at the end of Metropolis (1927). And of course, there's a lot of German expressionism DNA in the Gotham City of 1991 Batman. View all replies >