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Um her best friend goes “I’m told Robbie you’re marrying for his money”. Then Julia says “But that’s not why I’m marrying him”. Then her friend says “Then why are you?” Julia has no answer to this because she knows that’s exactly why she is. Did you guys watch the movie? It was because he was rich and her mom wanted her to marry him because he was rich. This was brought several times. So you want blank labels which is unrealistic. Move on. It was dreadful, Dahl is rolling over in his grave. I don’t even know why they called it The Witches. The characters being African American didn’t make any sense either and it was clearly a Disney PC move. He wrote one sentence and just says it was boring. No explanation on why. Clearly a troll so just stop. From the 70s to 90s, you had legends like Murray, Belushi, Ferrell, Sandler, Murphy, Farley, etc. Those guys were hilarious and rarely was it about politics. It was just funny skits. That’s why people watch SNL. To laugh and escape politics. It’s a shame that’s gone. It’s not a laugh track dumbass, it’s a live audience. Exactly buddy, some people are saying abolish the police which is different from defund. I’ve seen many people including Colin Kaepernick say abolish the police. I’m confused on what happens if there is no police. Couldn’t you just kill people and rob stores because there is no one to stop you? View all replies >