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Hahahahah Hahahahah yes Yeah I don’t understand what the other guy is talking about he actually believes that Walt didn’t care for Jesse at all so he must not of actually watched the show. Yeah clearly you don’t understand the show it’s sad that trolls like you come on here and wreck this site. Wow you never watched the show because Jesse and Hank both say in season 5 that Walt clearly cares about Jesse. If you think he doesn’t I feel sorry for you and clearly you don’t know what a psychopath is because Walt actually cares about his family and Jesse. That’s why he broke down crying when Hank was killed or when begged Saul to tip off the DEA so Hank wouldn’t get killed. Get off the site troll Nope it’s just a fact. Plain and simple Walt clearly cares about Jesse as he saved his life multiple times when he didn’t have to you dumb Scumbag. Also, I did watch the scene he never touched Jane, he was shaking Jesse who knocked Jane on her back. If Jane wasn’t a scumbag Junkie she would of never overdosed. So go do heroin little mind. Wow you’re a complete idiot. Walt never touched her and he broke in the house because Jesse could of been dead. You’re a piece of shit troll. Go watch the scene again, Walt never touched her. Yeah the fact that four people voted for Natalie is a joke. She was the first person voted out. EOE is garbage and should never be used again. View all replies >