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This post aged well as he was nominated for back to back Oscars and won for Three Billboards. Clearly you’re a idiot who can’t recognize talent. Couldn’t agree more. The OP is clearly just a trolling loser To the idiots that say he’s dead actually do your research. Danny Boyle himself said he’s not dead and he added the hello inspector line in post production to stress this. Bunch of morons on here No not really. Today he would just be considered chubby or slightly overweight. Back in the 90s he was huge, but for today’s standards he’s basically normal. I bet you don’t. How’s your job? Seems like you’re working hard. You said The Godfather is bad which is the highest rated film ever. Go away troll. Hahahahahaha it is humanly impossible to watch millions of movies you would have to be thousands of years old to be alive long enough. The world record is 28,000 movies seen by one person. Get a life troll Nice base someone’s whole career off one movie. You’re a real smart person. Have you seen Rocky, First Blood, Cop Land, Cliffhanger, Rocky 2, Creed 1 and 2, Rambo 4, Tango and Cash, etc. No you haven’t because you’re a uneducated hack who’s seen 100 movies I grew up on this show and I feel insulted. You’re a sad troll with no talent you worthless hack. View all replies >