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BOOM...couldnt have said it better. Live and let live. Came up with it a minute too late! Good one! Dressed to Kill Training Day The King of Comedy Castaway (is there a rule against asking two consecutive?) if so I can withdraw it. Some Like It Hot Cookie Crisp cereal for breakfast and a buffalo chicken calzone for lunch (and leftover calzone for dinner). The type of eating a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch was made for. <blockquote>The filmmakers addressed this by saying the movie was supposed to take place in 1995 and not the modern day. Still, this makes very little sense, as vehicles way newer than 1995 can be seen all over the film, characters use smartphones to call for help, 2000's music plays on the radio, and more.</blockquote> Yeah this also doesn't hold water because around the 26 minute mark as Daddario's character is going into the Carson/Sawyer cemetery on the property, the gravestone of Vera Sawyer Carson very clearly reads her date of death as September 29, 2012. 1. The Minus Man (1999) 2. Plus One (2019) 3. THE SQUARE ROOT OF ZERO (1963) 4. The Cold Equations (1996) 5. Division (2017) 6. Multiplicity (1996) 7. Fathers Little Dividend 8. Equals (2015) View all replies >