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I never thought the trucker lady seemed bitter. What criticism are you referring to? Personally, I put this season on par with the others. I liked about two thirds of them. Same with any other season. She has always been a joke to me, but I don't see how anyone is calling this anything less than perfect delivery of the lines she was given. It absolutely takes on the Disney vibe, which is part of the aesthetic. I thought it was a very well made episode. I feel like your objection towards lazy writing to get from point A to point B doesn't really hold weight when something is presented in this format. In a more extreme example, my favorite movie by far is Bad Boy Bubby, but you would be hard pressed to find a logical step from one setting to another anywhere in that entire movie. I thought 15m merits, Striking Vipers, Nosedive, The National Anthem, Shut Up and Dance, and White Bear were the best art, but there are plenty of others I liked for discussion value, social commentary, etc, or just was entertained by. There is some grey area with episodes I don't like. Usually I just think there are glaring flaws, but other times it's the overall atmosphere and pace that brings it down. Even if there is some depth to the story, it just wasn't stimulating enough for me. I would put Be Right Back in this category, everything was kind of beige and dull. The Entire History of You, White Christmas, Hated in the Nation, Playtest, Be Right Back, all of these episodes for me rank from dislike to hate, but for some people they are their favorite episode. People will disagree all day which are the best and worst. What about the password she types? Apparently her daughter commit suicide, nobody knew why, the mother wanted her password so she could find out why. So at the end, the guy sends her the password, which was right next to her on the wall and she typed in random shit every day instead. I don't see the point of that shit, just seems like a really poorly written episode the actors managed to sell. I couldn't make out what any of it was. I just assumed they were stacked up ready to pile on top of them. I didn't notice the cup. I wouldn't even recognize it as a Starbucks cup, as someone who never went to Starbucks. Not much publicity coming from that. I mean, I tried to point it out to you and get you to admit the obvious. Oh well, narcissists will be narcissists. View all replies >