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Did anyone get offended when Qyburn... Freydis is an idiot. Recommend me some anime? View all posts >


I couldn't make out what any of it was. I just assumed they were stacked up ready to pile on top of them. I didn't notice the cup. I wouldn't even recognize it as a Starbucks cup, as someone who never went to Starbucks. Not much publicity coming from that. I mean, I tried to point it out to you and get you to admit the obvious. Oh well, narcissists will be narcissists. You don't see how it's insulting to call people childish trolls? Who knows? I don't have a problem with how people interpreted various scenes, I'm a big GoT reactions watcher, but sometimes I turn into an aggressive debate moderator. How is that not an insult? You're making underhanded insinuations in a weak, passive-aggressive way. That's the same as insulting, just a more cowardly approach to insulting someone, in attempt to avoid accountability for your statement. You're trying to avoid accountability like a child. It's kind of weird to condemn insults while throwing them. I had no clue that was a girl. Congrats, turns out you can get the mods to censor people here. Enjoy. View all replies >