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Thought of something. A celebration of premarital sex -- this kind of party never happens. Why celebrate it when you can just do it? BUT what does happen a lot are baby showers - catered baby showers. With cakes. Do these super Christian bakers ever ask if the parents are married before baking a baby shower cake? Then refuse to bake that cake if the parents are unwed? THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS. It's all about discriminating against gays. The mental gymnastics you nutjobs perform to come up with these hypotheticals to events that NEVER HAPPEN. Then if they believe in the Bible so strongly, they should refuse to serve straight couples that have been having premarital sex and demand a certificate of virginity before baking the cake. Pick and choose, pick and choose! Dumbass, you just responded to a post citing The Washington Post, a pro-gay left-leaning newspaper talking about anti-gay countries. How staggering your cognitive dissonance must be. Thank you for walking into the trap. We've now established you believe Liam Neeson. Does your belief extend to 5 seconds later when he says he realized the error of his ways and sought help and became a better man? Or do you only believe the part that makes him look bad, but not the part where he changes? Uh, where is the evidence he ever went out hunting black men? He didn't belittle the driver in anyway. He didn't even get that loud. We've all gotten madder and more irate at relatives and friends than De Niro got at his driver. [quote]I just did asshole.[/quote] Whose asshole did you do, asshole? Your mother's? Not surprised. He was likely a Republican in his college years. I love when they say 79% of homicide victims are male, but then don't inform us what percentage of murderers are male. It's 96%, by the way. Poor, very corny response. View all replies >