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Why should Trump get ANY credit for good jobs numbers? This certain movie trope/plot device NEEDS TO DIE (spoilers) If the Mainstream Media is so liberal, then... After Jussie Smollet, will Sandy Hook Truthers apologize???? Question for Trump fans... Will this address the #MeToo issues plaguing the original movie???? Why did they portray Freddie as BISEXUAL in this? Republicans can NEVER EVER claim to be for freedom of speech. NEVER. All of you missed who the REAL killer was! Aren't Democrats being HUGE hypocrites? View all posts >


Ha ha. And a Trump supporter complaining about somebody ELSE hurling insults... These people either have no sense of shame or are completely oblivious -- pro'ly both. LOL. MAGA turds have nothing. I mean, what could you possibly say to logically defend the glaring double standard? I'm asking will you believe law enforcement findings. Either you believe them for BOTH Smullet and Trump, or NEITHER. I assume you'll defend an atheist baker who'll serve Christians normal cake but won't bake them a WEDDING cake if the wedding is officiated by a church official or in a church. Because that violates the atheist's beliefs that religion is a scourge. Oh, do only Christian's get to refuse on "moral" grounds. Special rights. Wrong. If you're in the business of baking wedding cakes, then you bake the goddamn cake. Whether the customers are gay, straight, MAGA, non-MAGA. Let's see if your argument holds up when we swap sexuality with race: "no one has a problem making a BLACK birthday cake or graduation cake for a BLACK person. Its the wedding cake thats the issue and certain SJWs are trying to treat it like BLACKS are being thrown to the back or off the bus." So you'd be okay if a baker refused to bake a wedding cake for black people because according to the baker's interpretation of the Bible, black people are animals and therefore can't get married? Awwww, did I hurt your widdle feelings, snowflake? Need a safe space? No dummy, I said they have a scandal bias and Trump has eight un-ignorable scandals a day. Dummy, you didn't answer the question as to why the media is focusing way more on the hoax revelation than the damaging voter fraud by an actual GOP congressman. Dummy's a dummy, that's why. If no on watches, why threaten retribution? You hilarious dummy. If Trump knows one thing, it's TV ratings, of which SNL has the highest in decades. Reality derangement syndrome is what you have. To claim NO ONE watches when the president is directly referencing what he WATCHED. Lololololol. View all replies >