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Sorry but this movie is JUST LIKE Red Sparrow The “smiley faces” they should use in Truth or Dare Of course it was... (spoilers) So Season 4 is going to be "Pretty Little Liars" (spoiler alert) The problem with SEASON 3 No one I command you with all your minions!!! The end was pretty lame Jafar was not intimidating at all Why not another title? With a female doll? View all posts >


Don't forget the last fight scene when she fights with all those guards and NO ONE is carrying a gun, just sticks Don't forget the last scene when Anna is talking with Olga through web cam with HD quality. I was like: Why they didn't make this movie set in actual days??? It does not add nothing to the story the fact that the story is set in the 90's, but whatever... The guys who did this film star a Kickstart campain to release in theatres but I guess it never succeed because it's online now Yeah, nobody likes her THANK YOU! I was talking about that with a friend and we both HATE HER! They wrote her character to be like this "strong black woman"... he's obnoxious as hell, walking around like "Oh look at me, I'm Harriet the spy from Africa!!" Of course not You're right! We don't see her again. Ma' hit her in the head and than she falls... they didn't rescue her I would prefer Jack Black. The original genie was fat, not full with muscles. A blue Jack Black would be great as the genie She was a very powerful character, if John killed her it would be the death of him, the guy just wanted to live in peace Are you being ironic?? SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF UMA THURMAN AND ETHAN HAWK! View all replies >