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INVISIBLE MAN - So the DARK UNIVERSE is still going??? Pretty long ass fight scenes So, she's a lesbian Why they replaced the actor who played Prince Phillip?? S3: The bad guy looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger on purpose? The trailer is a lie!!! So what's the point of converting EVERYBODY into a pokemon?? It tries so hard to be "I can't hardly wait" of this generation Why the doctor didn't RECORD the hipnosis??? Good movie but the trailer lied! View all posts >


She was a very powerful character, if John killed her it would be the death of him, the guy just wanted to live in peace Are you being ironic?? SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF UMA THURMAN AND ETHAN HAWK! I was wondering the same thing... Maybe they filmed this movie in 2017 or 2018, because her syntoms just became very intense this year I know right?? The trailer made it look like it was a zombie movie, but it's not! More than one hour of story and you see no zombies at all Totally agree, the movie IS silly. Wonder Woman is also silly but the movie was so well executed that you ended believing in that universe. IKR??? Veronica in some episode said something like to her dad: "You won't have my support if I see something ilegal" and than 3 episodes later she said to Archie that his father is a gangster or something lol View all replies >