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Damn those feminist movies are doing terrible on the theatres Jude Law's front tooth If they do a 3rd season, what they were going to do with Ani??? A feminist movie but at the end of the day... Surprised nobody try to "cancel" this movie Nobody is talking about the grey water she was about to drink?? "He seemed so happy" Such a good movie with a terrible DEUS EX MACHINA end! (spoilers) The black woman at the end (psychiatrist) was supposedly to be Harley Quinn? What Tommy and Curtis were doing at the end?? View all posts >


General? The singer? That's a PREQUEL, not a SEQUEL Because the character of Fred IS FAT, Betty on the other hand is thin as a twig That's because you can't see anything beyond your nose you can't say she is dead... she did't die in camera, his footprints with blood could be anybody else I didn't saw that comming either... the movie was such a "bubblegum thriller" until the death of Woody! He was such a loyal friend! I was in shock because he said in the car "I can't die, my mom needs me", poor mom! And the fact that their friendship with the other guys broke as well, I was spetcing the four friends together fighting with the killer. It was an unexpected ending! The movie went for me from 4/10 to 6/10 thanks to the last scene There's a lot of things they never explained in the movie, like why they were carrying a coffin on a plane? Where it was going? Where did it come from? Where did Dracula get his car? How the stone appeared in a house? How did Dracula know it was in that house? How the Black Lagoon monster woke up? A lot of questions without answers thank you for the information! this is so sad! Well, she had to be bitch to survive alone for all those years. It made her character strong View all replies >