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The photoshopped hairy arms I'm on season 1 and I can't identify with any of the characters Barefoot Why they did'y use Fluffy for the final battle? The title... and "promiscuous" American remake from the movie LOS OJOS DE JULIA? This is not a feminist movie or anti-male propaganda because of ONE SCENE Remind me "Bruce Almighty" Better ending? View all posts >


ew, disgusting, perv!! don't talk to me ever again wat you should watch it too, it's fun So don't watch Oliver Stone's movie U Turn, they smash a scorpion with a vehicle wheel I was thinking the same thing... if she can fly, why she need the invisible jet?? You have your right to an opinion, but YOU are wrong It really was. I think it was better than Happy Death Day It was pretty good! Me too! I speak spanish and in some point of the movie I was like: Wait... is she russian??? In some point of the movie I was like: Wait... is she russian?? What?? Is she british?? View all replies >