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Princess Diana “Senator Kennedy was detained.” Those who didn’t “make mat” How was the book? Who would you cast as Poirot. Edward Woodward’s costume. Rhylee vs Ashton Trailer is out. Series premiere Jan 24 2022 on HBO Not a nice person Sneak peak at the trailer SPOILERS View all posts >


Yikes. That’s like whipping someone with a rubber hose. Evil. Maybe they shouldn’t have put it on Disney+. It probably would have found a stronger audience share on ABC or HULU. Although, if s2 happens, and it really does skip the rest of the 1960s through the 1970s, and is set in the 1980s, then I really wouldn’t be interested in watching I think she should have stayed in Paris with the French guy. Many of the cast are well-known to viewers of UK tv and film. Many of them do a lot of stage work with RSC and others. As for acting ability, many trained at prestigious drama schools (RADA, RCS, “Oxbridge”) and have noms and won prestigious awards. Probably because Coben’s netflix deal also includes a uk production company and producer. I had a harder time with Stephen Rea’s wife’s body being between the walls all those years and nobody noticed an odor. Other than her father and grandfather, nearly all royal men have been extravagant, self-indulgent, profligate cheating gluttons. It’s not dead. It’s just moved to streaming platforms. Edit: apparently still in films, too Rue, Cinna and Effie Because they own hulu? Hulu had already made Skinamax type entertainment long before Disney decided to buy it. (Harlots) View all replies >