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I had forgotten all about this series Michael Richards as Mr. Micawber The old version Combined characters posts from people who were never going to watch this anyway The dances and costumes are almost Baz Luhrmann Regé-Jean Page as the duke What an insecure man-child! Looks like a delicious holiday treat Messed up ideas about acting View all posts >


If the franchise continues, Fellowes will continue with time moving slowly. He has stated before that he didn’t want to go into ww2 era. That’s why after ww1 ended on the show, the pace of the story slowed down in time, moving ahead only ten years. I think if they do another film, it would be fun to see the Prince of Wales again. He doesn’t meet Wallis Simpson until 1934, so maybe they could show him with Thelma Morgan or Freda Dudley Ward again Probably because Goode wasn’t available for the entire shoot. He was probably working on another project and only available for a couple of days. Me either I think Bob Hoskins as Micawber was better than McKellen. And Maggie Smith Tulkinghorn seemed to enjoy bullying the vulnerable. He could tall that Lady D disdained him and consequently he couldn’t let her get away with that. The moment he got a whiff of a skeleton in her closet, he was bent on torturing her with the information to make her pay for looking down on him. IIRC Lady Dedlock also had an interest in Jarndyce vs Jarndyce. Females weren’t prohibited from inheriting and Primogeniture wasn’t legally required. (e.g. in Pride and Prejudice, Lady Catherine DeBourgh’s daughter will inherit Rosings Park and the remainder of her father’s estate.) Entails were established to keep properties from being broken up by being split among siblings. But entails were not legally required either. The property/money in question in the J vsJ case wasn’t entailed. Are you kidding? No way. The score make repeated use of “Over the Hills and Far Away.” You will probably find an instrumental version of it. I loved that series! Furthermore, the producers have stated that this is not meant to be colorblind casting, because the characters actually refer to race in their dialogues. The director or producer used words like alternate reality and heightened reality. View all replies >