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Grainy? According to the cast we shouldn’t criticise One of the worst final episodes ever? As a man do you wash your hands before or after you pee? MCU films ranked MCU films ranked Have you seen Chef? Best fight scene ever? What to expect from season 3? Why did you dislike it? View all posts >


Extremely tough question. I’d go with: Born to Run Candy’s Room And either thunder road or promised land. Have you heard his two new songs? So based on your logic, if you had a house and the plumbing/electricity/structural integrity was really bad, you’d be unfit to criticise because you don’t really know anything about these things. Keep in mind this is just an example, for all I know you could be a tradie The thing that annoys me the most is that they didn’t do a season in 2018. So they have well over a year to write something good, something to be proud of. They had so much time but still wrote something that seemed rushed It wasn’t about what I wanted or expected. More to do with the fact that Jon’s story arc of him being a Targaryen was ultimately meaningless. He was sent to the nights watch as his punishment, but what is the purpose of the watch? No white walkers and a friendly alliance with the wildlings. Bran was made king based of Tyrion’s speech, no more. 8 seasons of wondering who will end up claiming the throne and it is decided by a speech. Speaking of the throne, it was literally burnt to nothing, so no one even ended up claiming the famous iron throne. I’m unsure what I wanted as an ending, I like to be surprised and shocked, but I found this ending to be sorely lacking in quality writing and decision making. Something well written and coherent. Like all previous seasons had been I will say I’m not a fan of hers. Her scene wasn’t bad, but that portion of the film was my least favourite Not too sure, I think everyday Really thought 3 was gonna close out the series. Or at least John Wick’s story I used to live with a guy who’d never wash no matter what he did in the bathroom.. unfortunately many times he’d go straight into the kitchen. I often caught him trimming toenails in the kitchen too I’d much prefer Pattinson to Hoult. I’d much prefer a lot of people to either of them View all replies >