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It's not about pleasure at that point. It's about having power and control over people, as well as the prestige of getting to be involved in something exclusive that lesser people can't. I've heard so many longtime fans say this is the first Bond film in decades that they won't be seeing in the cinema, and this was the case before covid. I won't be seeing it either. I'm not familiar with that film, but I don't think anything will "replace" Bond. Bond always has the potential to rise from the ashes no matter how bad things get. I just don't know if the producers have a willingness to get back to the traditional formula that was so beloved by the fans and made them filthy rich. It's a near perfect cinematic formula that was abandoned for incomprehensible reasons. I didn't think the series could get any lower than it did with Skyfall, and then Spectre was even worse. I naively thought that they were going to get back to basics and make a standalone Bond film this time, but amazingly they are continuing in the failed creative direction of Spectre. Craig, Purvis/Wade, Broccoli, and Wilson all need to resign. I won't be going to see it in the theatre. I won't financially support a Daniel Craig film. And I'm certainly not the only fan who will be boycotting it. Besides, the box office numbers are fudged, and Craig has been given way too much credit for drawing money. If you look at the numbers closely and adjust for inflation, population growth, and other factors, Craig is arguably the least successful Bond of all time. Connery, Moore, and Brosnan were the big money draws. Bond fans universally despise Craig. The only hope NTTD has of doing well is if casuals who don't know anything about the Bond series show up in droves as they did for Skyfall and Casino Royale, but that won't be happening in a pandemic. Eon Productions have backed themselves into a corner that they can't get out of. They've alienated their core fans and made their business entirely dependent on casual moviegoers who don't even care about the Bond character or series. The franchise will be in an even worse place than it was following Licence to Kill. There might never be another Bond film again. I'm still not even sure that this one will get released because they still obviously need to do major reshoots which aren't possible with a pandemic going on. And somehow he's still alive at the age of almost 90. I can't even remember who Severine is. By the way, Severine is not a real name given to a human being in any language. Fuck, this movie is so pretentious. It's disgraceful that in 2020 we still have people saying things like "you're not black enough" or "you're not really black." It's the new liberal, "progressive" racism and it's become more endemic than any classic form of racism where people use the n word or something. More like the worst journalist of the last five years or however long he has been on the air. This, the new Bond, and Top Gun will all bomb. View all replies >