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How much did China pay to have Taiwan's flag removed from Maverick's jacket? Or is Hollywood just pandering to China? "James Bond will always be a man" is a statement devoid of meaning What is feminist humour? New official teaser trailer released Genetic Warfare Indistinguishable from WWE Lunatics running the asylum Terrible The Game of Thrones controversy proves how futile episodic series with strict continuity are View all posts >


The new, lame title for the film seems like a perfect fit for this crappy singer. It's a very uninspired title and the typeface is dreadful. Better than "Skyfall" I suppose, but the bar has really been set low recently. The word 'die' appears way too many times in this franchise. He never was and never will be funny. He was nothing more than a supporting cast member on SNL back during a very popular era of that show, and he benefitted from being associated with more popular and talented cast members and the writers who wrote all his jokes for him. All he's ever done is play backstage politics at NBC to climb the ladder, while Will Farrell, Tina Fey and etc. have managed to become successful on their own. No talent whatsoever. The UK has plenty of domestic issues for a character like Bond to deal with. So many, in fact, that Bond should probably never travel outside of the UK to investigate anything ever again. He can go after the domestic terror cells, returning ISIS fighters, rape gangs, and the folks who grinded kidnapped girls into sausages for the next ten films or so. That's plenty to keep him busy for a while. Yeah, that's the whole point. That's why it's so terrible. They are changing history to appease a dictatorship, and yet very few people will notice. This is akin to the 'Ministry of Truth' in 1984 tampering with documents to change history as people knew it. It will only be one more generation until people just accept as fact that Taiwan is part of China even though that is not true, and movies like this are doing a great job of pushing that agenda. And I noticed this immediately when I saw the promo poster. I didn't need an article to tell me that the patch changed. Right, so let's dispose of the free people of Taiwan and appease a communist dictatorship just to make a few more millions. Great idea. This turned out to be a pretty accurate prediction. Speaking of dull and bland, I'm not sure anyone can top Adele. Because he and the artist both suck? Daniel Craig just wants to feel love, guyz. View all replies >