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Lol, yeah, people couldn't identify with the most popular film franchise of all time until Daniel Craig came around. Unbelievable. Even something as mundane as the motion of Bond's suit jacket as he steps out of the car looks like a CGI effect. So unnecessary. Also, the motorcycle stunt looks awesome in the leaked videos during filming, and yet it looks like shit in the trailer because of all the special effects. Craig's pathetic Bond seems to be off duty more often than he's on duty because "this time it's personal" or something, so it's conceivable that two consecutive years of experience as a 00 means that Nomi is significantly more experienced than Bond is. It's sad and pathetic. CraigBond needs personal leave for family therapy with Brother Brofeld. Don't expect too much of him. Not as much time as the fools who spend their whole day going to multiple message boards and starting threads about how Rami Malek is Dr. No. I think it's a good enough Bond film. It has one of the best villains and some of the best action we've ever seen which make up for some of the weirder moments. Walken is amazing in this. It's a solid B in my book. Similar like how Graves and Drax are similar, but definitely not the same person. Blofeld is the only villain character that has been portrayed by different actors, so there's a precedent for that. They also didn't wait five years for supporting actors to be available back in those days which is why Blofeld and other characters would sometimes be portrayed by a different actor/actress. For example, Llewelyn only got the role of Q because the original actor wasn't available for FRWL. I don't expect Eon to start bringing back old villains in new films other than Blofeld which they have already completely shit the bed with. There will probably be some secret base in Jamaica and a dinner scene or something similar with Bond and Safin, but it will all remain distinct from Dr. No. I meant I like Blofeld in both YOLT and OHMSS, both Pleasance and Savalas. It's better than the crap we've gotten in the Craig era. At least AVTAK had a great villain and some fun action scenes. It's like when WCW debuted a wrestler named "The Shockmaster" and he was wearing a SW storm trooper helmet painted with glitter. Nobody backstage had enough brains to notice that it was a replica storm trooper mask. Yeah, the guy who only played the role once and yet is richer than Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Very mentally challenged indeed. View all replies >