AudmanOut's Replies

No everyone dehumanizes a large segment of the population. People hit on california and New York all the time, why can’t we pick on the south? The soviets were disgusting, I am not a commie. You likely idolize hitler. You would have been right at home in nazi germany. No other reason you would support the racist con man. Shut up fascist. I deleted it and honestly I am not a socialist but I am down with a communist/socialist government if they ban stupid people from the internet. You actually think your intelligent? You think russia is a leftist country! People like you should be banned from voting and the internet. I know you would love that if it triggered the liberals. It should be outlawed the ‘religion’ is a evil cult. I love this show! Just gives us more reasons to outlaw Scientology. Yes Also how can you compare a white women to a ape? If you actually think Michelle Obama is a man you are a idiot. I agree with it. We need radical Changes to stop global warming. She is not ugly and not a man. Most supermodels are ugly after all that plastic surgery oh and please you are obviously a trump cultist. Lol I am not gay and so want it i was? You are a homophobic Russian troll. Please go away and travel and stop wasting your life MovieMancin2. She is beautiful way better then looking then melania. Sorry but plastic surgery isn’t my thing. Liberals cave power? Look at your president! You are a hypocrite. It would make no sense and no no one should be compared to a ape. On please like you care about the constitution.