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Maybe because it was the first Halloween I saw, but I feel like this is a really under-appreciated film. I'm also in the minority that I prefer the theatrical cut. The soundtrack is great and the acting is excellent compared to some of the sequels. Even if he wasn't so weird, I don't think he'd get on tv now because he was just so ugly. Apparently aesthetic standards were lower back then. Does it 'feel' like ST? That was my biggest barrier with Picard. It felt like any modern Sci Fi with Trek characters randomly thrown in to this unusual universe. Bizarre. I don't get your point. A 30 year woman is a "woman", not a girl. The best years are past most people at 30+, even in 2020. Don't be fooled by filters on FB, lol. I thinK JC's prime was the late 80s to 1991ish. She's unreal in The Hot Spot, Career Opportunities and The Rocketeer. (Great in the late 90s too, though! And now...) Juliette Lewis Alicia Silverstone Natalie Portman Drew Barrymore Keira Knightley Elle Macpherson (All in their 90s/00s prime obviously.) It was a huge disappointment for me. I just finished it, easily the worst season yet. Really a shame they couldn't keep the quality up from the first two seasons. Not sure why they picked one of his newer (and far inferior) books to base it on. They're going with Concrete Blonde for season 7 so that gives some hope. Season 1-2: really good Season 3: meh Season 4: great, but not quite on par with the first two seasons Season 5: pretty good, fast paced, hard to follow at times Season 6: meh, worst season yet. Hoping for a return to the quality of the first couple seasons, or at least season 4, for the final season. And, uh, Terror Train! View all replies >