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"So this little tart..." lol The lady at Dad's work didn't specify it was car insurance, but I agree it's strange. Sorry I'm late to this, but no worries, and I agree. Gotcha. Makes sense now. All 12? It's 13, get it right buddy. The low rating is correct, I'm afraid. Not good, not good at all. 100%. I was watching Happy Death Day (2017) recently and the vibe reminded me so much of Scream. It's still relevant and influencing modern filmmakers. I remember waiting for this to come out with excitement after H20. I think it's simply that after how good and well budgeted H20 was, people were expecting a lot more and instead it was back to the Halloween 5 level of quality. Definitely worth getting, but the Theatrical Cut is better. A bit unlikely in 1998, yes, and completely unrealistic in 2020. She looks about 5 years older than him, too. This shot sums it up, lol There's even a change in music to a Psycho-esq theme, so it's quite blatant. View all replies >