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1940s were a bit shit. 'Tis a good one 👍 Indeed 👍 The Pretenders - 2000 Miles ⤵️ https://youtu.be/AEyGZlBdkaA No ⤵️ https://www.eliteukforces.info/gallery/vehicles/sas-pink-panther-land-rover.php Fleetwood Mac - The only band from the list that had a member appear in The Running Man (1987) Murder by Death (1976) Michael Rapaport Dune - June The Hunt for Red October (1990) "MONTY...YOU TERRIBLE CUNT!!!" ⤵️ https://youtu.be/LMrhJnqIWC8 Mutant (1984) ⤵️ https://images.app.goo.gl/wj5Zjc7bTYcLvYw3A I can imagine 👍 😄 Agreed, Definitely worth the risk, She'd need to be satisfied or else 😱 Rocket by Def Leppard would be ideal for Alan, I can hear him now. Ursa from Superman II was a helluva kinky in my opinion. I know mate, It's unreal. Natives